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kaisambutsutoko wisteria field kaisanbutudokoro fujita Address: 〒 427-0059 5-24, Shindencho, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka Phone0547-37-6671 kaisambutsutoko wisteria field Hand volcano type dried bonito, dealer
We went on Omaezaki Port with tradition manufacturing method "hand volcano type"
We made straight bonito of pole-and-line fishing dried bonito.

To perform all by manual labor by craftsman; of amount of production there is few
It becomes dried bonito which took trouble.

Noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait from Suruga Bay, cherry blossoms prawns.
We focus on the freshness and select carefully only with thing of good quality.

Cut the first of Ariake Sea; laver.
Hokkaido product, natural kombu.

Store specializing in soup stock which you can eat in peace deliciously.
It is kambutsu shop.

Retail, wholesale, present and each ground shipment.
We accept according to budget and do.
Please feel free to contact.

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