It is not only the material! Reason why sushi of Shizuoka to hear in well-established sushi restaurant is delicious


It is not only the material! Reason why sushi of Shizuoka to hear in well-established sushi restaurant is delicious

There are some conditions to make sushi delicious. It is the sushi material that is the most important. But it is not only that. It is natural that the material is good. We will pay attention to supporting role concerning sushi. Reason why sushi of Shizuoka is delicious is hidden there.

Hot excellent supporting actor who tightens taste of sushi

At first, it is wasabi. Wasabi is spice which is indispensable to sushi. In late years, in one of the areas that it is called "okushizu", and attract attention, there is district called Utogi (utougi), but is the Japanese wasabi cultivation birthplaces here. It having pure water to say that there is wasabi field. That controls taste of sushi, too.

As there is delicious water, we can cook delicious rice

Abekawa streaming down Shizuoka-city is water of the Southern Alps Range. It is said that it is delicious even if we look at the abundant underflow water nationwide. If cook rice with the water, thing to become delicious as for the vinegared sushi rice. And tea to have with sushi. Shizuoka is tea-growing district proud of whole country's best production. We can roast the tea with this water, too. As for the tea to be able to roast with water of straight production center, taste, fragrance are perfect together.

The sushi material excellent at the freshness supported by good supporting actor

The material of the leading role hardened by these supporting actors how. In at hand of Shizuoka-city, Suruga Bay where abundant fishery products are landed spreads. We wait in Mochimune port and Yui port, Shimizu Port of the best quantity of unloading in Japan of frozen tuna where fish of the ground are landed. In autumn, we can taste cherry blossoms shrimp produced only here raw in spring. Hairtail sashimi to be able to hardly see is taste only in Shizuoka in seasonal grunt and other land.

However, long-established store, it is general public group. Even if come for the first time; sushi restaurant of relief

It is Irifune sushi founded in 1912 that can eat sushi of such Shizuoka casually. Sushi simple now is image called conveyor belt sushi, but this sushi restaurant which is the oldest in the city is that "rotary" was always got close to general public. Circle is 1 day earlier than market way, and ingredients are received in store because we deal with fisherman directly and put good fish of the freshness in shop. In other words, being able to eat the material which is fresh for day. We can enjoy sushi by clear accounting to display price properly to the full without being concerned at counter. Irifune sushi is 4 stores in the city. "Ryogaecho shop" near downtown is open throughout the year. We are glad that we do it until late-night 1:30. "Aoi Tower store" is connected directly by underpass from JR Shizuoka Station. This is open throughout the year, too. As these 2 stores lead to Wi-Fi, we gather information while eating and are good though we think about the next sightseeing plan. In addition, there is "Toro store in the suburbs "Minamicho store" of a 3-minute walk from the JR Shizuoka Station south exit, too".

Lunch is more reasonable. There is course of Japanese food, too

In late years foreign tourist visiting Shizuoka is course of increase. Unfortunately the material which is the most popular among them is not produced in Suruga Bay, but seems to be "salmon". With Irifune sushi, it is direct purchases in salmons which we transported by air from Norway. By effort to cut extra distribution, we realize reasonable price. After all, lunch is recommended if we eat casually. Seasonal fish entered; "suppose, finish of season; grasp" is 2,400 yen ... When there were whitebait and cherry blossoms Ebino fishing, depending on request, we have you grasp these. If is handier, and finish; "grip of lunch." Grip 7 kan and rolled sushi, bowl salad are included; and 930 yen ... (price varies according to stores). As there are course dishes of Japanese food, it is good shop to taste the essence of Japanese foods.

Store information

[Irifune sushi Ryogaecho store]

2-7-10, Ryogaecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi TEL/054-252-9178 Operating hours/11:00 ... 1:30 Having no days off during regular holiday/year ※Wi-Fi is available

[Irifune sushi Aoi Tower store]

17-1, Kouyamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi the first floor of the basement TEL/054-251-9178 Operating hours/11:00-22:00 Always without holiday/on regular holiday (except 12/31.1/1) ※Wi-Fi is available

[Irifune sushi Minamicho store]

6-6, Minamicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi TEL/054-282-1158 Operating hours/11:00-22:30 Regular holiday/Tuesday

[Irifune sushi Toro store]

2-3-29, Utou, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi TEL/054-284-5151 Operating hours/11:00-22:00 Regular holiday/Monday