"We enjoy local popular secret feature! Stylish area, three selections of falconers


"We enjoy local popular secret feature! Stylish area, three selections of falconers

It is a 10-minute walk from JR Shizuoka Station. Falconer (takajo) that stylish item and discerning food are prepared. Unit shop that sense is good for small area for approximately two hours even if it turns around slowly is row, town of hometown for person of popularity. The place name comes from that falconer (job breeding hawk) who served Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa lived. We pick up three stores that can enjoy charm of Japan in such an area.

chagama (teakettle)

Let's enjoy tradition and culture of tea casually

At counter, the staff serves tea carefully

Chaya whom well-established processed tea wholesale dealer "Marumo forest store" in 1F of compound facilities "passage falconer" in business for 1877 years runs. 70 or more kinds of tea is always prepared in something modern look of a shop with image of conventional Chaya and are glad of what we can sample all. Besides, as for the tea of sampling, it seems to be felt because he/she serves with hot water which we boiled with teakettle to taste in particular.

We can enjoy "sencha latte" which sweetness and milk of "espresso of sencha" (324 yen ...) and sencha to serve with espresso machine matched (378 yen) at store. It keeps tea leaves from 50g300 Japanese yen, and there is flavor that added ginger and strawberry, mint to tea. Package of cute cube type which is good to gift. We are glad of assorting by favorite combination, and there being.

■chagama (teakettle)
Address: 2-10-7, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi passage falconer 1F
TEL: 054-260-4775
URL: http://shizuokapassport.jp/location/detail/1455

Locomani (rokomani)

A lot of handmade security and warmth

Cafe of atmosphere to be natural, and to be relieved at including the shop where wooden door and miscellaneous goods which storekeeper collected are displayed. We are particular about local ingredients which face of producer looks like and provide lunch and curry which we fully used vegetables for of the week in animalism material nonuse.

It is nice to be available whether rice of "lunch plate" is brown rice and cereals rice, which

What Mr. and Mrs. Aoshima of storekeeper are conscious of "is healthy security, nevertheless good thing." One article that there are many fans as for "lunch plate" having four articles of vice-greens and soup in main (1,180 yen). Menu changes every week, and it is contents which can fully taste taste of vegetable diet including Isobe deep frying (photograph) of Koyadofu and vegetables. Egg including "healthy gateau chocolate of rice flour and bean-curd refuse" (420 yen) and cake of dairy products nonuse are ready. In comfortable space, let's enjoy meal leisurely.

■Locomani (rokomani)
Address: 1-10-6, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-260-6622
URL: http://shizuokapassport.jp/location/detail/643

ONIWA Garden&Cafe (oniwagadenandokafe)

Unique collaboration of modern bonsai X cafe

Rare shop which can enjoy shop and cafe of modern bonsai in single house where we redecorated old folk house in back alley of falconer into. We handle item enjoying garden and bonsai including gardening goods and flower arrangement of professional specifications in company store of professional "excellent Tomoki garden" of landscape gardening business abundantly. Green overflows in shop and, other than young plant and pot, houseplant of bonsai, performs bonsai and sale of moss ball.

We will find own favorite "green form"

In addition, lineup that can right thoroughly enjoy culture of the sum including handicraft classroom of bonsai, kadomatsu modern as for the workshop held a few times a year with popularity moss ball. As we can talk about care for garden and plant method, we will drop in by all means. We can enjoy "soup curry with full of vegetables" (various 980 yen) and dessert (1,080 yen ...) in the second-floor cafe of building.

■ONIWA Garden & Cafe (oniwagadenandokafe)
Address: 2-10-15, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-221-5177
URL: http://shizuokapassport.jp/location/detail/1873

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chagama (teakettle)


Locomani (rokomani)


ONIWA Garden & Cafe (oniwagadenandokafe)