Lunch is bar at cheap candy shop, night. Way of enjoying of local gourmet "Shizuoka Oden"


Lunch is bar at cheap candy shop, night. Way of enjoying of local gourmet "Shizuoka Oden"

Speaking of local gourmet of Shizuoka-city "Shizuoka Oden." Seoul food of Shizuoka citizen got close to as a substitute for snacks in cheap candy people at night at oden person and bar of bystreet regardless of dish nito, season at noon. We inform of characteristic and way of enjoying Shizuoka Oden.

Beginning of Shizuoka Oden culture?

It is done with opening what we did to stew beef sinew and pork disposed in the Taisho era without throwing away having. Afterwards, using local special product including fish of the Suruga Bay sea near the shore, we built original culture. There was stand of oden of about 200 in Aoba-dori St. of the city center after the war. The most were removed under the influence of urban development, but some stands move to "green leaves bystreet" and "green leaves oden town". Small shop full of emotion of the Showa era links the eaves and keeps traditional taste. In addition, oden was put in most cheap candies shop, and Shizuoka citizen was brought up with oden from the old days.

It is characterized by black hanpen to blackish stock

Speaking of Shizuoka Oden, ingredients which stuck in skewer are nyokinyoki in blackish stock. It becomes dark color that stock adds every day and continues stewing. We should be surprised at full-bodied deep soup making a clear distinction from a lot of taste other local oden of beef sinew! Another indispensable characteristic "black hanpen." Every rib crushes sardine and horse mackerel and would have the pickpocket body, and features unique flavor and resistance to the teeth. In addition, "unglazed pottery" which roasted the pickpocket body of walleye pollock is Shizuoka Oden Nara. With elastic texture, soup stock fully soaks.

"Powder of magic" which Shizuoka citizen loves

Finish of Shizuoka Oden "soup stock powder." Thing such as "powder of magic" that taste and tastes increase when we sharpen and mixed powder and green string lettuce, and put on dishes which powderized dried foods such as sardine or bonito. There is friendly feeling for citizens of Shizuoka and is a person that it is indispensable to Fujinomiya yakisoba. In addition, excellent supporting role that mustard is important. Tighten taste; accentuate. As there are many shops where both soup stock powder and mustard are placed in beside oden pan, let's enjoy taste of oneself preference.

Cheap candy shop system and bar system are in shop

Children are cheap candy people at noon and adults are bars at night and enjoy liquor one hand nioodeno. As for the cheap candy shop system, there are many sweet seasoning that child seems to be pleased with, strongly-flavored seasonings that bar system fits liquor. As for the person who shop affiliated with cheap candy shop sells rice ball and side dish, chipped ice together, and buys home to side dish for dinner. In bar system, conversation with storekeeper over counter is full of regular customer and tourists happily in small shop of bystreet in particular, too. To attendant of oden, mix shochu with green tea; "break Shizuoka", and ga is recommended!

Shop which Shizuoka Oden can taste is this

Well-known store "large baked potato" full of nostalgia and human touch

Shop of great turnout is inner from children to the elderly

There is history of about 100 years in Hase-dori St., and there are many regular customers going for 2-3 generations. Atmosphere that the shop leaving feature that is in the middle of the Showa era is easy to enter casually, and anyone can soften. We can take oden home from one and can taste fried sweet potato seasoned with caramel or rice ball, too. We sell baked potato in the summer for chipped ice, the mid-September and mid-June.

■Large baked potato (oyaki potato)
Address: 5-12, Higashikusabukacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-245-8862

Popularity shop "Shizuoka Oden brook" to often come up to TV

Chipped ice includes deep red cheeks strawberry or Shizuoka tea

Shop which follows in Asama Street more than 60 years. Lower threshold and good comfort have many repeaters of tourist let alone local visitor, too. Oden OK's take-out. Chipped ice of homemade syrup is sold all year by reputation, too. It is tsu that eats burning hot oden and chipped ice of hiyahiya in turn!

■Shizuoka Oden brook (Shizuoka oden brook)
Address: 38, Babancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-252-2548

"Oden and aunty" whom "aunty" of man meets

In the shop, green leaves bystreet is inner. Menus such as fried food are fulfilling, too

Storekeeper who stands in shop in triangle bandage-style to coverall apron from reason of "image that aunty manages speaking of Shizuoka Oden." The mood that the shop only for ten seats of counters overflows in sense of fun, and is peaceful. There are beef sinew, unglazed pottery, all 25 kinds including thick block of deep-dried bean curd oden, and take-out is OK, too.

■Oden and aunty
Address: 1-8-7, Tokiwacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi green leaves bystreet
TEL: 054-221-7400