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Eat Ramen
Chinese noodles dual wielding - Address: 〒 422-8067 10-14, Minamicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka orashion Minamicho II3 floor Phone054-266-5339 Chinese noodles dual wielding

Ultimate "normal." Chinese noodles which are simple, and wear well boasting aged soup only as for the nature material.
Move is opener on the third floor of the back of the slant of the building than February 4, 2021, 10-11, Minamicho, Suruga-ku. It is fishery products in motto at ultimate "normal" and provides fragrant ramen which is kind to body of taste plainly. Dried small sardines from Nagasaki is soup which does not use chemical seasoning which be wet, and took stock only in knob, mackerel clause from Tosa, nature material of various parts of Japan including dried bonito of Yaizu slowly and carefully at all mainly on kombu of Hokkaido. Thin noodles straight of 100% of domestic wheat which noodles seemed to match soup, and was combined with original. As for the chicken, leek uses kujo-negi from Kyoto "chicken of Fuji" of Fujinomiya. In addition, homemade roasted pork fillet which boiled domestic ribs which selected carefully kindly slowly and carefully slowly and carefully is recommended. There is day-limited ramen, too. ※Store specializing in water dumplings "Taiwan brothers are open on water - Saturday (18:00-21:00), too" (there is takeout menu).

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  • Spot Name Chinese noodles dual wielding
  • Phone 054-266-5339
  • Address 〒422-8067 10-14, Minamicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka orashion Minamicho II3 floor
  • Hours [noon] Fire - Friday 11:30-13:30 Saturday and Sunday 11:00-14:00 [at night] water - Saturday 18:00-21:00 ※It is finished as soon as soup is over
  • Closed On Monday
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