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Eat Japanese confectionery
Lend; Waki - Address: 〒 420-0042 2-2-8, Komagatadori, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-204-7865 Lend; Waki

It is fried dumpling and shop of seasonal Japanese confectionery to make from rice. Please enjoy season with Japanese confectionery.
They are particular about handmade cake, and all the Japanese confectioneries equalling case make in shop. Is chewy unlike thing which dumpling to hit domestic rice every day, and to make makes from powder, motchirishiteimasu. We attract Nagasaki, Matcha, three kinds of castella of adzuki bean, fresh cream Daifuku, fresh cream dorayaki. Please enjoy strawberry Daifuku, summer with eyes and tongue with oshiruko seasonally in spring in Kuri-okowa, winter in Anmitsu, zenzai, autumn.
[Japanese confectionery]

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