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Eat Japanese confectionery
Fall; bean jam corner - Address: 〒 422-8062 1-2-29, Inagawa, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-285-6860 Fall; bean jam corner

It is at station south Ginza mall. Including noted product, *nutato, it is Japanese confectionery, Western confectionery, well-established confectionary of various assortment of goods including baked confectionery.
*nutato where it is said that there is the source for Toyotomi Era. You knead blue paste into non-gluten wheat bread, and please appreciate taste that you made up in original manufacturing process to surround in bamboo leaf. It is shop of calm atmosphere reflecting the image of modern Japanese style while being founded in 1945, and leaving well-established atmospheric presence. Let alone upper cake, Japanese confectionery used for tea party, we have various products from cake to baked confectionery.
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