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Eat Japanese-style bar
Green leaves oden street azusa - Address: 〒 420-0034 2-3-6, Tokiwacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka green leaves oden street Phone090-7433-6743 Green leaves oden street azusa

The feature of Shizuoka Oden of our store is that ingredients are big. Popularity is konjac and beef sinew. Handmade cabbage roll is recommended, too. Local gourmet of Gunma, side menu including black yakisoba are abundant, too.
Oden of our store adjusts chicken gallasoup to beef sinew soup and seasons with kombu and soy sauce, mirin, liquor. Though taste is included well minutely, it is said that it is no good. The feature is that, anyway, ingredients are big. "Konjac" which is the muscular as for the popularity. In addition, domestic beef line meat and handmade cabbage roll are popular, too. Hometown of dumpling and storekeeper, local yakisoba "black yakisoba of Ota-shi, Gunma are recommended other than oden, too". One piece of article menu including fried chicken and fried food is abundant, too.
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