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Eat Japanese-style bar
Green leaves oden street Nagoya - Address: 〒 420-0034 2-3-6, Tokiwacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka green leaves oden street Phone090-6611-5540 Green leaves oden street Nagoya

Please have Shizuoka Oden of good taste of article which fully adjusted bonito soup stock to soup which we took out of beef sinew by all means.
"Shizuoka Oden" is called "stew oden", and soup adds, and longtime profit is "profit" clogged up. We found oden shop, and it is nearly 50 years. Soup is black color, but does not use soy sauce in our store. Taste such as beef sinew and organ meat, bonito soup stock, kombu increased taste to ooze from paste gems such as black hanpen, and it was in this color after longtime time. Appearance is thick, but taste is taste that we did unexpectedly plainly. We prepare for each ingredients carefully in haishirubatsu kiya shita* and soak with "juice" with full of taste. At first, please have "Japanese radish" if you come to our store. We know taste of oden by a mouthful. "Bag of original oden is recommended, too". The contents are fun in shop.
[Japanese-style bar]

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