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Shizuoka is Shizuoka Oden Way of enjoying Seoul food oden of person from Shizuoka Food or "doing is ~ oden" that familiar Shizuoka citizen is immediate in Class B gourmets. People who were born and raised in Shizuoka-city ate oden as a substitute for snacks. That eats in midsummer not only cold season, too.... It is right Seoul food of person from Shizuoka. Therefore that there were more cheap candy shops that children gathered in shop of oden in old days. We can still enjoy Shizuoka Oden in the daytime in shops such as cheap candy shop, bakery, rice ball shops. There is store of 600 Shizuoka Oden only in the former Shizuoka city, and it is said to 800m every direction of center of commerce in particular that about 250 houses link the eaves. Spot that there are many foreign tourists and visits at night because "green leaves oden street" and "green leaves bystreet" bringing on nostalgic o of Showa are instagrammable of popularity. Store specializing in Shizuoka Oden contains most of the small shops only for counter, and a lot of such as hate or how to ask for to be worried about will introduce way of enjoying so that both taste and atmosphere can enjoy Shizuoka Oden this time. This information is thing as of December 14, 2017.

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With Shizuoka Oden

  • Opening of oden street Opening of oden street Oden stand of about 200 linked the eaves after the war in main street (green leaves symbol road) in front of city hall. For urban development, the best stand-cho in Japan moves in 1968, and it begins to have reopened business as green leaves oden street and green leaves bystreet, and they do. Atmosphere of stand at the time just reaches in now.
  • Origin of Shizuoka Oden Origin of Shizuoka Oden Even if the history spread out by having stewed beef sinew and pig organ meat which we disposed of as materials till then, it is told at postwar food shortage retroactively to the Taisho era. Production of fish paste has been prosperous, and it is said to Yui and Yaizu that fish paste including black hanpen came to be used for ingredients of oden from those days.
  • Black soup Black soup Black soup of Shizuoka Oden which other citizens of the prefecture are surprised at. As we add every day and stew like secret sauce of eel shop and use, it is in black and is one of flow without throwing away soup in many shops. The shop arouses in that black soup; when is long, is carved.
  • Five of Shizuoka Oden Five of Shizuoka Oden ・Black soup
    ・We are spitted
    ・Black hanpen is contained
    ・We hang getting out green string lettuce powder
    ・It is in cheap candy shop
    ※We extract from meeting Shizuoka Oden's HP

Rule of oden

  • How to enter shops How to enter shops We tell the number of people to general with finger if we pass through noren. As general and regular customer may squeeze seat even if not available, let's confirm.
  • If we enter If we enter As when ten people sit down everywhere, is small shop becoming full, baggage less. We hang jacket on wall and sit down.
  • First of all... First of all... We order drink first. At first, beer being good, but wanting to drink by all means only in chatokoseioka "break Shizuoka"; desu.
  • Depending on shop... Depending on shop... There is menu on wall. We order while hearing means of oden which is recommended to general. Do not appear basically by oneself; may not take.
  • Before eating Before eating It is with green string lettuce characterizing Shizuoka Oden and hangs powder.
  • The check The check As we do the check with the number of skewers of oden, skewer leaves till the last.

Ingredients of Shizuoka Oden

In addition, there are still many types and varies according to shops.

Oden shop introduction affiliated with cheap candy shop

Oden shop introduction affiliated with bar

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