[introduction of Shichikencho street of well-known stores by student of Shizuoka] Town - Shichikencho street of well-known stores where features ... feelings

[introduction of Shichikencho street of well-known stores by student of Shizuoka] Town - Shichikencho street of well-known stores where features ... feelings Simply because it is such time when self-restraint continues! Do you not visit Shichikencho street of well-known stores? Shichikencho street of well-known stores is mall with history that is the oldest in Central Town.
Road where the sidewalk and design using marble were made on directs space stylish at all with symbol, zelkova and streetlight of Shichikencho lengthening along street.
You avoid crowd, and do you not spend slow time on where it decreased to go out, Shichikencho street of well-known stores of calm atmosphere?
Do you not spend shop and fun time in shop where it is full of person who came to rarely talk who did not meet people, individuality groups of Shichikencho street of well-known stores?
Student of Shizuoka introduces charm of such a mall this time!

Shichikencho street of well-known stores nohi loved by customer of repeater looks; tsu

Customer of many repeaters comes to each shop of Shichikencho street of well-known stores. Why are there many customers of repeater?
We show the secret!
Is the secret with many customers of repeater not because product to be able to buy only in shop of Shichikencho is provided? There are many products which we catch the fashion and made use of individuality of shop in. Customer goes to visit shop for a long term for them.
In addition, it is one of the reasons that is close in distance with customer. We supposed and, in the case of coverage, did scene which waited on customers while storekeeper seemed to be closer to customer and talking happily. Customer was smile, but figure that storekeeper is talked about happily further remains in impression. We feel that warm waiting on customers of storekeeper leads to coziness attracting customer of repeater. We are supported by customer of repeater, and there are many shops with long history in Shichikencho street of well-known stores.
Warm waiting on customers in meeting may become valuable simply because it is the present age when online demand increases.
We have both much charm, and Shichikencho street of well-known stores is deep mall loved by wide generation. Of course will you welcome even the first customer?
You go to visit, and please actually look for new charm!

Men's shop "Ebisuya"

  • "Ebisuya" with history founding 100 years or more handles clothes of father generation widely mainly.
    Above all, casual shirt is popular item of this shop. As it is product which we cannot obtain in other shops, gangs are most suitable for people who want to wear different clothes!
    As price shows in "Ebisuya" even from the outside, we get rid of anxiety for price and can enter. As we wait on customers carefully, selection of clothes feels safe that we match with customer, too. We go to visit shop, and how about when we choose special clothes which oneself had?
    ei /11:00~19:20

We can know all? ... first Shichikencho street of well-known stores ...

Shichikencho street of well-known stores has ever provided entertainment to turnout, citizen as the town of movie. TOHO Hall is taking the role now as the only movie theater.
Shop which we were able to modernize is mixed with shop with history at mall 100 years or more and can go around shop while enjoying atmosphere of both Old new. All shops are very of high quality and can do shopping that there is of satisfaction to offer product with feelings. Storekeeper and the staff knowing a lot about the field advise product which is good to you carefully kindly. That is Shichikencho dakarakosono charm that distance with customer values waiting on customers soon. He/she provides discount coupon of free stationed-in-bike-race ticket and movie of contract parking lot according to shopping amount of money in some shops and is mall to be the profit! In addition, how about when blue sky city, night stall city, Central Town de Halloween drop in casually as various events are held?

Restaurant Francais

  • We provide classic Western food menu at handy price in restaurant Francais which reached founding 60 years under the theme of restaurant which customer finishes using every day.
    As almost all dishes are set 1,000 yen below, it is very kind to wallet.
    It is today's lunch that is recommended in that! Menus such as chicken saute or fried food are with drink and can eat with 780 yen casually. Another recommendation is beef sinew rice with hashed beef omelette with rice. We are addicted when we put in the mouth in omelette with rice which hung homemade rice with hashed beef source which stewed potherb and beef sinew gently on egg with cheese once. Please experience taste of Western food feeling nostalgic for slightly by all means!
    Place/1-1, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Francais the second floor of the building
    ei/11:00-17:00 (last order 16:30)
    Rest/Sunday (we check no fixed holiday restaurant Francais Instagram on Saturday)

Is it new base of business?

There are few chain stores, and, on Shichikencho street of well-known stores with many personal stores, each shop values each individuality and original element.
It is mall where there are many shops which by doing the fashion in wide product development that you adopted, can enjoy to new customer to customer of repeater while keeping feelings.
There is promotion association connecting mall in Shichikencho street of well-known stores, and it is attractive that we have attachment for not only shop which you run but also the whole mall, and there is more. Horizontal connection of mall brings many advantages, and all the union members can share the same consciousness.
With calm atmosphere only in Shichikencho, can tell each customer by charm of shop thoroughly while report, and distance is near; felt that it was attractive for a lot of which began shop newly to be able to wait on customers.
Is Shichikencho street of well-known stores not the most suitable place in own original thinking that we want to do business that snuggled up to, customer who want to send products?

Teuchi soba "ichiho"

  • Closing a bargain noodle shop "ichiho" to be able to enjoy from basic taste to original soba.
    It is the founding ninth year in July of this year. In the mall with nature, atmosphere of Shichikencho street of well-known stores with roadside trees such as zelkovas was unusually liked and seemed to be opened a store.
    Woman and young man are easy to go to visit, and the shop of space such as cafe is totally loved from student to the elderly by wide visitor.
    As there is counter seat, it is easy to enter alone.
    Watercress soba of manager feelings is taste that we can eat only here put together Japanese and Western.
    It is healthy one article that bitterness, dried young sardines of watercress, flavor of olive oil, refreshing fragrance of pink pepper spread through in mouth.
    How about checking the taste by all means?
    Place/8-4, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi