If know Central Town of Shizuoka; to bystreet, alley

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If know Central Town of Shizuoka; to bystreet, alley If know Central Town of Shizuoka; to bystreet, alley. It is crucible of Shizuoka food culture from Shizuoka Oden to BAR. MAP Person of Shizuoka-city calls central city area of town "Central Town". We should notice when we walk Central Town neck of the woods aimlessly though small bystreet and alleys which are rare cityscape scatter in the whole country.
Charm that is the best in contact between the exchanges and visitors with storekeeper the most popular in bystreet a lot of shops only for counter. Go from one to another, and enjoy plural shops;, too, and enjoy in one shop;, too. In space where there is impression that is hard to enter, but human empathy that we drink there if we pass through noren, and world spreads is warm. As tourist talks as friend this evening, and ichigen can meet, regular customer is mysterious, too.
Bystreets various from bystreet to be able to enjoy Shizuoka Oden bringing on retro atmosphere of Showa to bystreet feeling in now when young people including Bar gather of Shizuoka is waiting for. Do you not stop by aimlessly while taking a walk through Central Town? We introduce five bystreets, alleys this time. This information is thing as of November 01, 2017.
Green leaves oden street Green leaves bystreet imakoko Post-horse alley Golden bystreet

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Slightly good story of bystreet, alley

  • Opening of oden street Opening of oden street Oden stand of about 200 linked the eaves after the war in main street (green leaves symbol road) in front of city hall. For urban development, the best stand-cho in Japan moves in 1968, and it begins to have reopened business as green leaves oden street and green leaves bystreet, and they do. Atmosphere of stand at the time just reaches in now.
  • Shop to aim at opening slightly before Shop to aim at opening slightly before Most of the oden towns open around 17:00 and begin to do well. Above all, popular shop is full as soon as we thought, "it opened!"…. It is certain that opening goes called "absolutely this shop!" slightly before.
  • Way of enjoying bystreet and alleys Way of enjoying bystreet and alleys Way of enjoying having one ladder liquor too at bystreet and alley. Let alone visiting shops of guide of oden eat, and compete, and visiting BAR is recommended, too.

Recommended bystreet, green leaves oden street

"The green leaves oden town" where bystreet brings on retro atmosphere of Showa of Shizuoka. Shizuoka Oden person which published instagrammable red paper lantern in a row!

Recommended bystreet, green leaves bystreet

To "green leaves bystreet" to be cited in with "green leaves oden street" when we want to know oden culture of Shizuoka. We enjoy ladder of Shizuoka Oden, and let's taste charm of Shizuoka Oden!

Recommended bystreet, imakoko

Bystreet of new style that renovation did building for 40 years in place where we entered at Shichikencho Street a little old. "Building Nakouji imakoko" where a variety of restaurants link the eaves including BAR.

Recommended bystreet, post-horse alley

Post-horse alley where shop full of individuality to nestle quietly between buildings on the left side around Temmacho Street from bus terminal of Shin-Shizuoka senoba links the eaves.

Recommended bystreet, Golden bystreet

Cheerful bystreet where concept can swallow up "1989" when Japan in JR Shizuoka Station west underpass was the finest until 5:00 a.m. when we reproduced vigor of bubble period and nostalgic atmosphere.

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