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"Investment, asset seamanship" to "trend of new age seminar holding Event Date/Time: February 17, 2021 (Wed) - February 17, 2021 (Wed) Event Venue:
〒420-0851 49, Kuroganecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
"Investment, asset seamanship" to "trend of new age seminar holding Asset operation is required investment to survive future Japanese economy. We tell about reason and measures method clearly. Let's acquire knowledge and wisdom of right money by commentary by popular FP of outstanding performance in each media. 30 capacity, participation are free. [privilege] ①Participation application with souvenir for ② sweets with free individual consultation attaches following ①-⑧ in participation application form, either of E-mail, and apply. ①The request for full name (furigana) ② age ③ sex ④ phone number ⑤ zip code ⑥ address ⑦ day ⑧ number of participants (when there is companion, please attach ①-⑥ information for all the members.) ※In the case of E-mail, please fill out title with "investment, asset operational seminar". ※In the case of a lot of application, it becomes lottery. ※With shipment of attendance guidance, we should be elected. ※On the day you have attendance guidance, and please participate. We will hold this seminar after having performed new coronavirus infectious disease measures. ※Please observe guidelines that sponsor sets. When you cannot cooperate, I decline entrance. ・Please wear mask on that day. ・On the day I decline entrance when we take temperature at reception desk, and there is temperature 37.5 degrees or more. ・As I send health check sheet beforehand, on the day you fill out, and take. ※When I judge that the administration side has problem with health check sheet, I decline entrance. Participation application form: email: For more details, it is by @S



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