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Toshiharu Mizuno ceramics exhibition Event Date/Time: December 03, 2020 (Thu) - December 13, 2020 (Sun) Event Venue: Gallery light (in this way) of container
〒420-0949 5-21-28-3, Yoichi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
Toshiharu Mizuno ceramics exhibition One of slope fold Tanada of Gifu displays and sells making earthenware container about 100 points of done Toshiharu Mizuno in Sue bunch "fine presence" (fuushi) in neighborhood. Soft curve calibers of cerise are familiar with hand slightly, and patronize dishes. Dishes come to mind when we look at container, and ... and imagination spread in this way. "You should be able to enjoy daily life with container", will hold in such thought. Writer living-in-corridor is 5th, 6th, 13th. The trees and plants which wife brought up carefully heap up work quietly. Please come casually. For more details, it is by @S



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