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The cinema salon dream town-za masterpiece screening society "this way" Event Date/Time: March 28, 2020 (Sat) - April 04, 2020 (Sat) Event Venue: Dream town-za
〒424-0816 2-31, Masagocho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka (JR Shimizu station square Ginza entrance)
The cinema salon dream town-za masterpiece screening society "this way" Dream town-za in front of Shimizu Station, this masterpiece screening society show "this way". (1918), Hakushu Kitahara meet musician, Kosaku Yamada who is young and spirited in 1918. Man who Yamada is expressed in man who formed first Japanese symphony orchestra after studying in Germany with bright person musician, and, on the other hand, Kitahara makes passes at married woman, and is daring, and is freewheelingness. But it was called genius poet with original style. The times when there was only nursery rhyme of thing with German nursery rhyme as Japanese translation or Japanese tradition as for the song of child in those days. Two people started creation of first Japanese nursery rhyme for Japanese children. Human drama to describe the life of Hakushu Kitahara filled with disturbance in with women who went together centering on friendship with Kosaku Yamada. *々busei where supervisor hits many masterpieces including "half omission" "curtain call." ※Hakushu Kitahara stays at Shizuoka, and he writes a song of "chakkiri clause" in response to request of Shizuoka Railway in around 1927. Others, Shimizu commercial high school school song write a song, too. For more details, it is by @S



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