About Central Town

  • If know Central Town of Shizuoka; to bystreet, alley
What "Central Town" means for Shizuoka

In Shizuoka, we call central city area led by Shizuoka-city government office of Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi "Central Town".
There should have been many people that it was a pleasure "let's go in Central Town" was dressed up by favorite phrase in childhood, and to go out in "Central Town" to go line in this way in department store at mall without saying.
"Central Town" roots in life as Shizuoka dialect culture peculiar to such Shizuoka.

From thought that we wanted you to enjoy such a "Central Town" more, it was possible for "Shizuoka Central Town NAVI" as place of disseminating information for Central Town by Central Town of Central Town.
You know Central Town more in "Shizuoka Central Town NAVI", too, and do you not enjoy more?

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