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hagoromo Marine Service Osezaki Hagoromo Marine Service OSEZAKI Address: 〒 410-0244 Nishiuraenashi, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka Osezaki 325-2 Phone055-942-2635 hagoromo Marine Service Osezaki Osezaki is popularity diving spot where diver that there is many comes over to in calm environment becoming beach that was chosen in 100 selections of Japan in the summertime in the year. We have abundant points and can touch with creature of the seas such as fish or prawns crab starfish of various types. We can enjoy from beginner diver to expert diver with single-lens reflex camera. From early morning to night dive, the experienced staff will introduce the sea of Osezaki to all of you. Self-diving or license class are possible, too.

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