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The gull-maru kamomemaru Address: 〒 410-0845 101, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka Senbon-1 birr 1F Phone055-952-3639 The gull-maru We advocate "it is fresh skittishly, and yasu kute is delicious" in flag mark and provide fresh fish knocked down in Numazu Port every morning whether it is full of variety. If menu does not change by the night and day, and include today's recommendation; the number 50 or more. He/she cooks depending on sashimi and stewed dishes, request of visitor including char-grilling. Popularity No. 1, of course, "Numazu bowl." With one article that did story to represent Suruga Bay on the takikomi gohan of dried fish for heaping up, the body of muscular horse mackerel is appetizing.

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