Superb view power fully opening! Five selections of Fujimi spots of Numazu showing various expressions


Superb view power fully opening! Five selections of Fujimi spots of Numazu showing various expressions

Treasure, sacred mountain Fuji where it was enrolled in world's cultural heritage of Japan. It is described in works of art such as ukiyoe prints as an object of faith again from ancient times and continues attracting heart of people. This beautiful mountain which is attractive seeing from where changes expression by place and season to see, and costarring with rich nature is seen from each place in Numazu-city. The sea, mountain, island, pine wood, anyone including dusk introduce superb view which holds its breath, Mount Fuji view spot of Numazu.

Senbonhama Park

Mount Fuji and Kuromatsu where writer was fascinated with

1,000 beaches which is known as Tokaido first-rate scenic spot. Forest of beautiful Kuromatsu spreads out along shoreline.

There is literature monument of monument inscribed with a tanka poem and Yasushi Inoue of Bokusui Wakayama in park, and what we take a walk through while thinking about writer who loved this Matsubara is good.

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Refreshing scenic spot that overlooks Mount Fuji over the sea

Juniper forest more than 1,000 years that are natural monument of country in peninsula which stuck out of Suruga Bay years old is gregariousness. There is promenade going around cape, and thing to block can expect magnificent Mount Fuji over the open sea.

On the tip of peninsula, "Kamiike" called fresh water is in the sea being imminent and is counted in one of the Izu seven wonders.

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Hill of glitter

Quiet scenery that the shining ocean and canola flower field spread out

View spot along prefectural road Route 17 leading to Toda from Osezaki. It is origin of the name that the sun reflects, and the sea glitters shiningly.

Canola flower fields become in full blossom, and it is healed from the end of January through February by quiet scenery like Japan.

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Cape Mihama

Double power spot of Shinto shrine and superb view

At cape which lengthened in bow type to the west of Toda Port, Mount Fuji rises on green of pine and juniper, the other side of the shore of sand bar. Beach where sandy beach spreads for a long time in the inside of gulf, and wave is calm.

Torii where is cinnabar red in the sea which entry Shinto shrine is on the tip of cape, and is blue is the best spot called Mount Fuji on brilliancy, the other side.

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Scenery of darkening port and fantastic Mount Fuji

Uninhabited island with aquarium where Awashima who floated in Suruga Bay kept nature alive. Mount Fuji which Mount Fuji to see from island is beautiful, but watches green of neighboring mountains including Awashima and azure Suruga Bay, fishing boat, cityscape is admirability.

When the sun sets, scenery to darken in the sky of gradation is dramatic.

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