A lot of BAR which is wonderful in Numazu! New "hospitality of adult" of Numazu "NUMAZU BAR TRIPS"


A lot of BAR which is wonderful in Numazu! New "hospitality of adult" of Numazu "NUMAZU BAR TRIPS"

Numazu where image of daytime sightseeing including Numazu Port and magnificent Mount Fuji where fresh seafood gathers is strong. But, in fact, there is full-scale BAR excellent at atmosphere a lot so that it is a waste in a day. As anyone heaps up "BAR culture" of Numazu in cooperation with taxi company and the accommodations, local company to be able to enjoy casually, we spend wonderful night and.

Numazu where specialized traditional full-scale BAR "authentic bars" where bartender is scatter a lot. Including vaunted cocktail and atmosphere shop which there is which expert bartender makes carry out various approaches in "NUMAZU BAR TRIPS" to have enjoy "BAR culture" of Numazu more casually.

<< NUMAZU BAR TRIPS participation store >>

●Frank Bar (frank bar)

●umeozato Bar (give birth irregularity bar)

●VICTORY (bikutori)

●Restaurant&Salon Ninoe (ninoe)

●TOM'S BAR (Thoms bar)

●BAR NELSON (bar Nelson)

●The BAR BREEZE BLUE (the barbe Leeds blue)


Mark of BAR TAXI is this mark

"NUMAZU BAR TAXI authorization crew" who took class introduces cocktail of BAR in Numazu-city and each shop pride as concierge. He/she leads to BAR which was good for the person while enjoying conversation. Place hard to find and secret well-known store entrust you to familiar crew in the town of Numazu.

In addition, we can taste original commemorative cocktail "ikoro" using Taro Kotobuki (jutarou) mandarin orange made specially in Numazu in each shop. Fresh Taro Kotobuki mandarin orange and eloquence of mint are attractive.

Accommodation plan with BAR ticket

Accommodation plan that original cocktail "illustration of dusk" (evening does not come) is free one cup and can taste in designated BAR in Numazu-city when we use the accommodations participating in this business.
[accommodation plan with BAR ticket]

Thing about figure of traveler who is going to cross Sammaibashi appearing in Numazu accommodation and the Kano River where "Numazu dusk figure" which Hiroshige Utagawa drew in fifty-three stages of the Tokaido was lighted up by the moon. Original cocktail reflecting the image of this ukiyoe print puts whiskey and peach liqueur, Taro Kotobuki mandarin orange juice, and warmth in dusk of Numazu is expressed.

<< the available accommodations >>

●Numazu Grand Hotel

●Here Chiho Teru Numazu

●Hotel erumurijienshi

●Static iron Hotel pre-geo-Numazu

Numazu BAR company collaboration cocktail

Original cocktail to be able to taste only in Numazu that we do company and collaboration with the head office and branch in Numazu-city and made for the purpose of entertaining person visiting Numazu-city for business is birth.

When "is good, creative agency Numazu raccoon gives up company, and, in the cause theater" and the collaboration cocktail "smile gate" which played, "fortune comes to the laughing gate", but concept.

As for cocktail "mirai relay" that had "KANDENKO Co., Ltd. Shizuoka branch office" and collaboration, "to company to go to in the future" is concept.

In addition, cocktail "asuruaregure" which did F.C. "asurukuraro Numazu" and collaboration of J3 which is new in October, and assumes Numazu hometown is birth. By cocktail meaning "cheerful asuru" after game, let's be fuddled with excellent sake of victory.