Under topic boiling? We pick up curious spot of Numazu Port to be able to come across only here


Under topic boiling? We pick up curious spot of Numazu Port to be able to come across only here

We want to do experience only in Numazu to be seen only here, and not to be able to taste if we come to Numazu Port with much effort. Aquarium on the heels of life of deep-sea fish wrapped in mysterious veil, sea foods kakiage tower, Japanese parsley of surprised astonishment introduce much-talked-about spot that wants to tell to somebody including skittishly fresh fishery products only in performed fish market.

All the riverside fish market-maru sky and shop (uogashimarutemminatoten)

As for the amazing kakiage tower, it is compiled craftsmanship into one book

As even if cannot eat, pack of business taking away is prepared for; relief

"All and shop" which opened immediately from the head office proud of founding 50 years in 2009. Using fishery products such as prawns or scallop, kakiage which we fried into a tower of 15cm in height form is noted product. Regulate quantity of the sky powder by fluid volume of ingredients, and heat uniformly when fry, and need expert technique, and gem which can eat only here. After "seafood kakiage bowl" building soup, and having eaten a little from the top, we defeat aside, and let's eat with rice.

Popular menu along with kakiage tower

For gem born under the concept to "provide few thing elsewhere", many visitors visit from outside the prefecture. We stew tail of tuna softly and can thoroughly enjoy dishes with original idea to fresh material including "full tail stew of tuna" which let demiglace sauce coil itself.

All the riverside fish market-maru sky and shop spot information

Numazu Uoichiba restaurant (numazuuoichibashokudo)

Fresh menu only in market decided with Japanese parsley of every morning

We are excited what kind of fish you can taste whenever it comes

Shop on "Numazu Uoichiba INO" where Japanese parsley is performed the second floor. More than 90% of dishes change every day that storekeeper has the Japanese parsley right and thinks about menu of the day by the stocking of every morning. "Sashimi set meal" of photograph can thoroughly enjoy black Japanese bluefish, hairtail, alfonsino, Pandalus nipponensis, place of fresh puripuri fish which was just fried in the morning including chopped bonito.

"Deep-sea fish place fish tempura bowl" which deep-fried goso, Mehikari

Perfect View Point where counter seat in shop by the window looks around the Kano River river mouth, Numazu Port. We can enjoy meal slowly while feeling atmosphere of port. Let alone fish, we are particular about Numazu product from liquor forming a line to seasonings such as salt, soy sauce to use thoroughly and can fully thoroughly enjoy taste of Suruga Bay. "We boil salt of "deep-sea fish place fish tempura bowl" and the deep sea place prawns", and there are nado, deep-sea fish menu only in Numazu, too.

Numazu Uoichiba restaurant spot information

Numazu Port deep sea aquarium coelacanth museum (numazukoushinkaisuizokukan coelacanth museum)

Mysterious creatures living in the world where light does not arrive

We display three bodies to produce which coelacanth vomits and freezing two

Aquarium to display a lot of deep sea living things of Suruga Bay which is the Japan's deepest gulf. Continuing still from 350 million years ago growing, and frozen individual of coelacanth called living fossil being seen in the world only in here. Three-dimensional vision that we CT scanned reappears. We can look at precious picture which captured figure which coelacanth swims in the sea and can approach in mystery of coelacanth.

"daiogusokumushi" which is friend same as land dumpling insect

Other than coelacanth, we display a lot of mysterious deep sea living things. It is surprise in odd creatures which we have not seen including "flashlight fish" emitting light "igagurigani" where splinter such as bur of chestnut covers body "mendako" such as space living thing swimming with leg such as skirt! Fancy goods of deep-sea fish which there is as souvenir only here.

Numazu Port deep sea aquarium coelacanth museum spot information

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