Numazu is horse mackerel! Bowl, sushi, dried fish……It is muscular and thoroughly enjoys taste excellent at the fatty freshness


Numazu is horse mackerel! Bowl, sushi, dried fish……It is muscular and thoroughly enjoys taste excellent at the fatty freshness

Numazu Port proud of the number of the unloading fish classes of the throughout the prefecture most. There is, and dining room street around the port is full of tourists almost every day when we can enjoy various fishery products inhabiting Suruga Bay. Above all, noted product can enjoy compact muscular, fresh taste of the body with "horse mackerel". While port of Uchiura Inlet is proud of culture of horse mackerels amount of production whole country one, and it is produced, and stand and close, and attention degree rises if we can eat vertical unrivaled article horse mackerel!

The gull-maru (rub circle)

Taste 3 super star of Suruga Bay is soroi ibumi

We thoroughly enjoy the body of the freshness preeminence muscular horse mackerel

Variety provides fresh fish that "tight virginity is cheap and is delicious" was knocked down every morning in Numazu Port by motto wealthily. He/she cooks depending on sashimi and boiled fish, request including char-grilling. Popular No. 1 menu, of course, "numazu bowl" (1,404 yen). On the takikomi gohan of dried fish, horse mackerel, whitebait, cherry tree prawns are plentiful. We carve, and let's taste spice of leek and ginger in conjunction with soy sauce.

Than "today's recommendation" "alfonsino simmered with helmet"

There is, and the cheerful staff invites to alley where atmosphere of Ryoshimachi entered at main street of Numazu Port to drift one. If menu does not change by the night and day, and include today's recommendation; 50 kinds of numbers or more. Other than seat at a table of hearth, it is completely equipped with room seat of kotatsu set in the floor, too.

The gull-maru (rub circle)

Address: 101, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi 1,000 1 birr 1F TEL: 055-952-3639

Port restaurant (minatoshokudo)

We are satisfied very much with price and taste only by dried fish manufacturer company store

Dried fish set meal of horse mackerel and mackerel is 540 yen

Restaurant of the dried fish manufacturer direct management more than founding 100 years. It is in all Numazu and fresh hall and overlooks port from window fitted with glass over deck. After all menu has abundant dried fish set meals, price from anything and 540 yen! Besides, joy that rice and miso soup are free to do refill. The ten meals-limited "finest alfonsino dried fish set meal" a day is 1,080 yen. There is fried Namero bowl and horse mackerel of horse mackerel, too.

It keeps various seafood bowls, sashimi, dried fish, various cooking including fried food

We are provided by profit disregard by thought to "want local people to please". Of course "port Hitsumabushi" (1,620 yen) is popular by reputation from tourist. With bowl which we served tuna, yellowtail, seven kinds of fishery products including salmon in, as for the first bowl, seafood bowl, the second bowl mix specially made leek miso and can enjoy the third bowl as ochazuke. As there is sale of dried fish at store, too, as souvenir by all means.

Port restaurant (minatoshokudo)

Address: All 128-1, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi Numazu and TEL in fresh hall: 055-962-2800

Numazu cove fishermen's cooperative association direct management fish preserve (numazuuchiuragyokyochokueiikesuya)

With culture horse mackerel having just finished closing, we offer stable taste and taste

Bowl has horse mackerel notsumire stew and pickle

Port of Uchiura Inlet is the cultured amount of production whole country first place of horse mackerel. Good point of the freshness that we close muscular horse mackerel which suffers hardship in strong ocean current in gulf, and had a firm body and are vertical and can eat is pride. "Fish preserve" is reopened in Uchiura Bay at hand in May, 2015. Other than meal, we sell dried fish or fish guts pickled in salt. Slice and beating for two horse mackerels appear and can enjoy "katsu taste bowl" (880 yen) in fisherman dishes soaked in "Magocha" having you hang stock finally.

Quite popular noted product of sold out pardon. There is souvenir use, too

Port of Uchiura Inlet overlooking Mount Fuji over Suruga Bay. As there are "Izu, three Tsu Sea Paradise" and "Awashima Marine Park" in the outskirts, we want to drop in in outing occasion. Stick sushi "wasabi leaf sushi of katsu taste" (980 yen) of refreshing flavor that wrapped horse mackerel and vinegar meal with wasabi leaf from Amagi is popular.

Numazu cove fishermen's cooperative association direct management fish preserve (numazuuchiuragyokyochokueiikesuya)

Address: 30-103, Uchiurakoumi, Numazu-shi TEL: 055-943-2223