Delicious souvenir of Numazu is GO to market mall "all Numazu and fresh hall" to assemble in full force!


Delicious souvenir of Numazu is GO to market mall "all Numazu and fresh hall" to assemble in full force!

Market mall where 13 stores including restaurant and souvenir shop gather in "all Numazu and fresh hall" adjacent to Numazu Uoichiba. Atmosphere that local theme song flows in hall, and is lively. Wood deck facing the port can overlook Mount Fuji on day when the sea breeze cleared pleasantly, too. Quality of Numazu perfect score, meal beyaomiyageniosusumeno three are introduced a little.

Prawns biography which we do not do entirely

"We do not do grilled whole fish of cuttlefish" baking at store is quite popular

Store specializing in classic prawns rice crackers. (480 yen) that "grilled whole fish of cuttlefish does not do" that we press cuttlefish which we pickled to secret sauce entirely and baked is extreme popularity. As we bake at store, it is juicy and is fragrant, and moderate elasticity and texture are felt. Slightly hot flavor becomes habit and can eat pattern that is good size in no time. Of the middle of walk is good to eat a little.

As for various prawns rice crackers, big bag is 1080 yen for 3, and small sack is 1080 yen for 6. It is fun to be wondering whether to have which with alfonsino, garlic, plum, onion, variation richness including burdock to wasabi, octopus, sea urchin. As we can try, we will look for favorite taste.

[prawns biography which we do not do entirely]
<TEL> 055-962-1588
<business hours> 9:00-16:00 (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ... 17:00)

Circle perception

Good luck of fresh Suruga Bay on the spot to fried chicken!

Take Numazu brand authorization product and shine and do slender sprat, good luck of Suruga Bay including these prawns to deep-fried on the spot. We can enjoy nourishment perfect score, deep frying vertical burning hot seafood by snack sense. If the body of "mehikari fried chicken" (400 yen) is not soggy, the outside is crunchy softly. Seasoning is exquisiteness, too.

As souvenir discerning dried fish using carefully selected material. Particularly recommended one "the truth taste belonging to shallows." With horse mackerel settling in the shallows (reef) which high quality bait has abundant, we are distinguished for fat paste with wall thickness, too. We dry up with difference, delicious water and natural salt of Mount Fuji slowly and carefully carefully by hand one by one. We gather from dried fish that mackerel barracuda, mehikarinadoo is advantageous to nodoguronadono high-quality article.

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<TEL> 055-941-8770
<business hours> 7:30-16:00 (as for the seafood fried chicken ... 15:00)


It is direct from own house farm every day! Store specializing in wasabi

Company store of "wasabi shop Kameya founded in 1945 of Izu." Fresh Wasabi arriving from Mount Amagi with wasabi swamp of own garden every day hits the shelves. We attach tsun which we grated by oneself and refreshing wasabi falling out to fresh fish of Numazu, and let's enjoy. Wasabizuke which there are several kinds is for gifts, and it is recommended.

The soy sauce-based "wasabi dressing" which chopped Wasabi fully entered is popular. Gold and olive oil which let sharp taste and fragrance upgrade are to Italian food of base. In addition, for wasabi mayonnaise and sesame anyone, swing, ochazuke, wasabi salt, laver, various wasabi products including foods boiled down in soy are prepared.

<TEL> 055-943-5300
<business hours> 9:00-17:00

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