We take a walk through popular spot of Numazu Port aimlessly


We take a walk through popular spot of Numazu Port aimlessly

Numazu Port unloading fishery products produced in the seas such as Suruga Bay or Izu. It is spot that is just hot most in Numazu that shop selling restaurant and processed marine products which can taste seafood which is fresh in the outskirts links the eaves, and is full of many tourists if it becomes holiday.

I experienced

so** (so ten ten)
After visiting Japan in 2014, and having learned Japanese in Tokyo, we are impressed by Miho-no-Matsubara visited in trip and enter a school of higher grade in Shizuoka University Graduate School. We are studying for Japanese teacher.

It arrives at sea-like Numazu Port full

If smell the tide, there is already Numazu Port. Restaurant and marine products shop link the eaves along the road and are full of visitors examining dried fish dried in store closely. There is Numazu Port deep sea aquarium near, too and is atmosphere full of vigor.

At first, to all Numazu and fresh hall

Big building in the seashore "all Numazu and fresh hall." It is shopping mall where dried fish shop, 13 stores including store specializing in wasabi gather including seafood restaurant among them.

Various set meals and bowls, souvenir are prepared so as to make undecisiveness when we look at menu and product of store. Let alone Numazu, we can enjoy delicious thing of Izu if we come here.

At first, it is stomach goshirae with lunch

What dropped in at to enjoy fresh sea foods "taste." Mainly on fishery products of products of the district, we can have lunch with full of the volume by bowl and set meal.

As menu is abundant, ask staff if at a loss. To the stocking and preference, he/she tells recommendation. Let alone sashimi, recipe including stewed dishes and firing varies, too.

"Numazu bowl" which is plentiful seafood of Numazu

We order "Numazu bowl" which 13 kinds of seafood gets on on that day (1,944 yen). It is color that cherry blossoms prawns and whitebait got on let alone horse mackerel and tuna, bowl which tastes, and is various together of popularity.

so not to eat usually eats living thing one share too much and is impressed saying "it is delicious!". That "dish simmered in tuna tail" which it is salty-sweet and boiled hard is popular among foreign tourists.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"We looked at the town of shop of sea foods for the first time in Numazu Port. We ate sea foods with two staff in place called fresh hall. Sweet shrimp and Sergestes lucens made specially in Shizuoka were very delicious. We recommend!" (so)

We check souvenir while trying

After having filled stomach with lunch, we check souvenir. Other than dried fish and fresh fish, wasabi from Amagi, there is ice using local material, too.

"Cuttlefish look firing rice cracker" with size like face (450 yen) is popular with prawns are "prawns biographies" of speciality store not to do.

Keep dried fish and delicacy; "kakita."

As there is sampling, we can check taste and can choose delicacy to see for the first time in peace.

When follow; to "byuo"

High building "byuo" which we saw since it arrived at Numazu Port. In fact, we say this, Numazu Port large size prospects water gate and can enter inside.

Entrance is two and can go in and out of either. To elevator deiza, fine-view corridor.

One of the best superb view spots in Numazu

From fine-view corridor in 30m above the ground, we can expect Awashima and 360-degree large panorama including Osezaki floating in Mount Fuji and Southern Alps, Hakone Mountains, Suruga Bay.

Senbon Matsubara where Matsunami is beautiful or all Numazu and fresh hall, fish market which went some time ago are seen under eyes, and state of fishing boat which occasionally comes and goes in port is seen.

As for the role according to byuoniha

At the time of byuoniha, earthquake occurrence, we close water gate by autonomous working, and there is role to follow command of inhabitants living around port from tsunami. It is symbol of Numazu that satisfies tourist while adhering to local life.

We can observe Japanese parsley in the morning at the earliest

We can observe around 5:45-7:00 Japanese parsley ground in byuosugusobaniaru "Numazu Uoichiba INO". There is value of seeing in state that fresh fishery products which were just unloaded are knocked down in high spirits.

Scenery that is so beautiful if it is fine

Day of experience-based location was unfortunate weather, but habyuokarakonna scenery is seen on fine day.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

It is very mysterious building. It was said that door could go down at the time of earthquake or tsunami. We can see the sea and the sky become one when we climb the top. When oneself climbed, it was rainy, but view is beautiful.


●Experience-based excellent/Numazu Port walk
●All facilities name/Numazu and fresh hall
●Address/128-1, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi
●Operating hours/7:00-21:00 (business hours vary according to stores)
●4 rest/second Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
Phone number


●Facilities name/taste
●All address/128-1, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi Numazu and the fresh hall
●Operating hours/9:00-15:00
●4 rest/second Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
Phone number


●Facilities name/prawns biography
     Prawns are not served
●All address/128-1, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi Numazu and the fresh hall
●Operating hours/9:00-16:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays - 17:00)
●4 rest/second Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
Phone number


●It was facilities name/or came
●All address/128-1, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi Numazu and the fresh hall
●Operating hours/9:00-16:00
●4 rest/second Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
Phone number


●Facilities name/Numazu Port large size prospects water gate "byuo"
●Address/1905-27, Senbon, Numazu-shi
●Operating hours/10:00-20:00 (on Thursday ... 14:00)
●Rest/no rest
●Rate/100 yen for adults, small, junior high student 50 yen
Phone number (NPO corporation Numazu tourist association)


●Facilities name/Numazu Uoichiba INO
     numazuuoichiba Eno
●Address/128-3, Senbonminatomachi, Numazu-shi
●Operating hours/visitor passage 5:00-17:00 (as for the Japanese parsley visit 5:45-7:00), fish food building 10:00-21:00
●There are off/Saturday, no fixed holiday
Phone number