Globe type tent floating in forest! Park "INN THE PARK" to be able to stay


Globe type tent floating in forest! Park "INN THE PARK" to be able to stay

"INN THE PARK" much-talked-about fantastic tent floating in forest. At the accommodations where renovation made "house of Numazu City boy nature", there are hanging tent, dome tent, three kinds of guest rooms of staying ridge. They can enjoy at ease in space of a lot of green, and services of facilities and dishes are the same level as hotel. Let's enjoy glamping of adult feeling comfortable & non-daily life.

At first, we take a short break in salon

There is salon such as stylish cafe when we advance from the front desk to the depths and is relaxing in sofa relaxedly. We are glad that board game is prepared.

As for playing at ease in park having a lot of nature as there is rental of Frisbee!

Three types of guest rooms

●Hanging tent (two capacity)
Globe type tent which was able to hang to trees with wire. Comfort such as hammock which we did to and fro. Bed is two inside and is comfortable. We can enjoy scenery of forest from skylight while hearing the noise of trees.

●Dome tent (two capacity)
Dome-shaped tent fixed to ground. The inside is about the same as hanging tent.

●Staying ridge (eight capacity)
Staying ridge which is convenient for the use in a great number of people. For the use by one reservation, we can spend with family and friend without hesitation in extensive space. There is bedroom four rooms, and two comfortable double beds are set up by each room.

It is eating a food with great relish in real dinner

Meat dishes that dinner took in local ingredients-centered dynamic, delicate dishes form a line. We provide while changing ingredients every with Bagna cauda, sparerib of seasonal vegetables, season including beef steak. We want to enjoy time for slow meal while watching scenery of forest.

In stillness well

If we enjoy dinner and sweat in large communal bath, we relax afterward by tent.

We enjoy non-daily life among nature while watching scenery of fantastic forest, and enjoying a feeling of floating in tent wrapped up.

Refreshing waking

Waking that is refreshing in the morning sun and voice of bird to come in through skylight.
As bread and salad, fruit are prepared for as for breakfast, it is recommended to eat with lawn of park.

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