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Heart Fulda inning onfuransu hatofurudaininguonfuransu Address: 〒 411-0857 11-4, Ichibancho, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka hotel *meikan 2F Phone055-991-5670 Heart Fulda inning onfuransu French restaurant toward shop loved in area. We express taste of water of Mishima with dishes. Healthy curry of local production for local consumption that "ruffian curry" of Mishima brand authorization product conflicted with history of Mishima. With real French technique, we provide dishes only in this shop not to be able to make at home. We fully still treat and direct dishes and heart that true heart loaded with important time with family as French restaurant to be able to enjoy casually. Let's enjoy warm time. It is facilities which public wireless LAN "MISHIMA FREE Wi-Fi" is available to.

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