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cafe hachimaki cafehachimaki Address: 〒 411-0022 Kawaharagaya, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka Ozawa 1038 Phone055-973-2697 cafe hachimaki Shop which is built in among the mountains of the Mishima-city suburbs, place equal to the Hakone west foot. Up to floor, ceiling, beam in shop, warm space using tree is comfortable. Menu is sandwich and pasta, curry and rice. We fully use Mishima vegetables produced in neighborhood for salad of set and we are distinguished for the freshness and can be satisfied with the volume visually. "Ingredients dakusan Neapolitan" that recommendation has a lot of vegetables. It is popular menu which sauce coils itself round to 1.9 millimeters of rice cake rice cakes large noodles. It is facilities which public wireless LAN "MISHIMA FREE Wi-Fi" is available to.

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