As souvenir for break! Delicious bread & sweets of Mishima


As souvenir for break! Delicious bread & sweets of Mishima

Baker of good old atmosphere that continues being loved for a long time in hometown, dorayaki using sweet potato "Mishima sweet potato" of Mishima brand authorization are sum of noted product Kashiya……. We introduce bread & sweets that one one was fully clogged up with feelings and technique, love of shop. As break and souvenir taking a walk through!

Confectionery Konditorei Mine on hill

Shop such as antiqued general store built on the small hill. Cake that storekeeper with study is particular about the subject matter in home Germany and cooks carefully is reputation.

Cookie sand which is cute as for the appearance as for the drawing card product "around." Six kinds line up including lamb raisin of adult, straight caramel P perception nuts, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays-limited including strong Matcha and seasonally limited taste. Is sold with two sets by thought to "want you to eat with important person". So that as it is often sold out, visit hastens.

Popular among "risuno favorite dishes" which cute squirrel was modelled after (irregular sale). We put walnut of caramel cliff and, in wheat flour from Hokkaido, cloth for sable using butter, bake.

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Sweetness teahouse moon in the water

Sweets shop of Japanese confectionery shop juxtaposition in near Mishima big shrine. Studio becomes fitted with glass and can see state to make Japanese confectionery.

"Tiger firing" and "Mishima sweet potato dorayaki" of soft and fluffy cloth having a cute island design are noted products. Sweet potato of Mishima brand authorization that Mishima sweet potato fully caught blessing of Mount Fuji, and was brought up. Refined sweetness that with high sugar content, and is good to sweets.

In shop, we can taste Anmitsu, oshiruko with delicious tea.

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In front of bakery temple of storehouse

Pretty sweet roll and bun meal, about 40 kinds of bread including hardware system form a line in small size. There are 100 years old or more stone storehouses and is available as eat-in space.

Atmosphere that curio and old furniture are placed in stone storehouse and feel nostalgic for warmly. It is glad that there is service of coffee and tea.

Rock salt croissant and meal panga popularity that we did quickly. Salted beans bean-jam bun such as Daifuku using black soybean which we cooked with salt is recommended. So that as there is product sold out in around noon, visit hastens.

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Katsumata bakery

Bakery which is founded in 1949, and is loved for the same taste from the old days by regular customer in the wide generation. All the staff is vigorous and meet with openhearted smile.

In shop, 60-70 kinds of simple bread had bagging of one by one forms a line. Melon bun that noted product is baked every day at around 11:30. There are specially made entering butter cream and two kinds without cream.

What we are wondering whether to do in which with okonomiyaki bun, croquette bun, curry bun, sandwich, cream bun, type richness including bean-jam bun is fun.

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