Celebration! The highlight introduction of Japanese inheritance authorization "8, Hakone village" Mishima-city


Celebration! The highlight introduction of Japanese inheritance authorization "8, Hakone village" Mishima-city

"8, Hakone village" which was authorized to Shizuoka prefecture's first inheritance of Japan in May, 2018. Magnificent stone pavement is spread in way, 8, Hakone village more than Hakone Toge said to be Tokaido's best difficult place and can still feel atmosphere in former times. We pick up the highlight of Mishima-city equal to western "Hakone Nishisaka" of 8, Hakone village!

Summary of authorized inheritance of Japan

The middle of a journey of far-off Edo that footprint of travelers is left eternal stone pavement way - 8, Hakone village and traces

[summary of story]
Straight way going over Mount Hakone sung in "sword of the world" and song to east and west, Tokaido 8, Hakone village.
First-rate magnificent stone pavement was spread in 8, Hakone village which was principal road of the Edo era in Japan at the time to support busy traffic. Scene with former times on appears in sequence along post town and teahouse, barrier and row of trees, milestone and the way if we trace way where footprint of travelers leaving the name for history including pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district daimyo and Netherlands Mayor of firm, chosentsushinshi and Nagasaki prefect remains for a while and exceeds the times far and invites person visiting to trip of Edo.

With inheritance of Japan

Structure which authorizes Japanese culture, story to talk about tradition in system that Agency for Cultural Affairs founded from 2015. We plan expansion of interchange population and plan local activation by maintaining cultural assets group which historic charm was full of in the local main constituent generally, and utilizing, and sending.

The highlight of "8, Hakone village" Mishima-city

Hakone old way climbs Hakone Toge with a part of Tokaido which the Shogunate arranged at the beginning of the Edo era from Mishima accommodation and calls slope image of eight villages (about 32km) to go down to Harajuku, Oda with "8, Hakone village". Of these, it is also known as "Hakone Nishisaka" between wards from Mishima accommodation to barrier of Hakone.
Tree of pine and cedar is planted on both sides of stone pavement and can feel atmosphere at the time of going.

Various people and things including elephant which came from general and daimyo, samurai, express messenger, foreigner, Vietnam including Siebold came and went, and Hakone old way was lined with Honjin or trip basket, teahouses.

Please walk "8, Hakone village" for Times lip feeling while thinking in the Edo era.

Mountains Castle Site Park

Mountains castle which was built as castle which protected Odawara-jo Castle by rear Hojo, and fell by Hideyoshi Toyotomi aiming at the world unification.

Shoji moat and furrow moat where we collected the best of skill in Hojo style construction of a castle in rare Yamashiro only for soil not to use stone for are celebrity. Historic; validation is technically high, and is chosen by "Japan's Top 100 Castles".

We can overlook Mount Fuji on fine day, and seasonal flower tree including hydrangea colors the site of castle in cherry tree, azalea, water lily, early summer in spring.

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Brocade field milestone and row of pine trees

Something like signpost which used as a guide of way with milestone, and was installed for each one village (about 4km). We built mound of about 10m in diameter, and tree of Enoki (velvet shank) or pine was planted on the top.

Precious thing that brocade field milestone is left on both sides of way in pair. More than 330 pines are left in the outskirts, too, and is appointed to the history of nation trace.

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Mishima skywalk

Suspension bridge "Mishima skywalk" for exclusive use of walker proud of the best length of 400m in total length in Japan. Of course scenery that it is spot that there was not in the Edo era, but Mount Fuji to see from here does not change from those days.

We seemed to compose phrase on feeling that superb view which fog suffered from Basho Matsuo who visited this ground in the Edo era deeply, and expected Mount Fuji was not seen in.
The stone tablet is put up near.
"Omojiro comes on day that fog rains off and on and does not look at Fuji"

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Mishima big shrine

Excellent company which received son* of people as "Ichinomiya" where had high status in particular in Shinto shrine from ancient times. It was known even that Yoritomo Minamoto prayed for Genji revival, and much existence Masaru Rikitake and Tokaido were ardent, and they were believed in to travelers who came and went.

Trees which let leaves grow thick in deep-blue form a line on approach to a shrine, and there is refreshing, solemn atmosphere. Fragrant olive is appointed to natural monument of country and is famous in spring as famous spot of cherry tree.

It is recommended to take a short break in tea house while having lucky "Fukutaro rice cake" in connection with Shinto ritual. There is souvenir use, too.

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