Way of enjoying color color! "Mishima skywalk" which can be fully idle


Way of enjoying color color! "Mishima skywalk" which can be fully idle

Suspension bridge "Mishima skywalk" for exclusive use of walker proud of the best length of 400m in total length in Japan. Thrill and refreshment that we can experience only here including long zip slide to run on while expecting athletic park and Mount Fuji which can be idle in rich nature at ease are charm. Owl and small animal and shop touching are quite popular!

Symbiosis type outdoor park "Forest adventure" natural in what the former north area across suspension bridge has. Refreshing activity to surrender to Nature is satisfying.

Outward trip comes through bottom of long suspension bridge, and "long zip slide" runs on return journey towards Mount Fuji. As there are three lines, three people are slidable at the same time. We can enjoy throb experience that there is feeling of strain in friend and family.

"Adventure course" utilized the forest of nature. Experience to move to another tree for Tarzan feeling is thrilling. We move the body in nature with all one's might and can play absorbedly.

"Cliff challenger" who climbs wall of about 10m to soar in forest. As we put on rope called auto biRei, we descend at constant speed safely at the end of the tether on the way. We can enjoy from beginner to experienced person in peace.

"Go-go buggy" which is dynamic, and gets over rough course in forest, and can experience wild run.

After having fully played, "let's enjoy scenery and nature with basket!" But, it is breath in "Picnic Cafe" of concept.

We can taste hot dog and sandwich, sweets, drink using local ingredients while feeling refreshing nature to be.

In 2019, small animals such as owl or hedgehog and "furokku - fortune clock ..." touching open.

Around 20 owls touch with cute small animals such as hedgehog or meerkat and can take a picture together.

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