Three selections of restaurants which can taste fresh and young, powerful "Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables"


Three selections of restaurants which can taste fresh and young, powerful "Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables"

"Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables" which are shipped a lot from the taste and high quality to metropolitan area. Including Mishima potato (they enter the make), Mishima carrot, Mishima broccoli, Mishima cabbage, type of cultivated vegetables including Hakone Japanese radish are abundant. We introduce recommended shop in Mishima-city to be able to enjoy French and Chinese food, cooking utilized taste of powerful Mishima vegetables including cafe.

With Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables

"Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables" which are cultivated in field spreading out on slopes west, 50m above sea level of Hakone or more. Drainage is well fertile, and, with mineral-rich red earth, face south; of the sun, ventilation vegetables brought up without stress are shipped a lot from the taste and height of quality to metropolitan area while is good. Local gourmet "we see island croquette" is 100% use with Mishima potato (we enter the make). In addition, Mishima sweet potato, Mishima carrot, Mishima celery, various types of vegetables including Hakone Japanese radish are cultivated.

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Heart Fulda inning onfuransu

"Mishima French" which is loved to local ingredients in feelings, area

On Hotel *meikan the second floor that we renewed, move is open in March, 2017. Chef from Mishima provides simple dishes utilized taste of material using Mishima vegetables saying "we want to convey genuine taste". It is attractive that there is salad bar of Mishima vegetables at lunchtime including fish lunch and homemade hamburger steak set. Healthy "ruffian curry of Mishima" which we fully used Mishima vegetables for is popular.

In extensive shop, the staff is met warmly brightly. There is terrace seat and, as French restaurant to be able to enjoy casually, can spend time of family pleasure of home life. "Galette" which is full of color of vegetables is recommended.

[heart Fulda inning onfuransu]
■Telephone  /055-991-5670
■The location /11-4, Ichibancho, Mishima-shi hotel the second floor of *meikan
■Operating hours/11:00 - LO14:30, 17:00 - LO23:30
※I decline visit of child ten years or younger after dinnertime.
■Regular holiday /Sunday, third Monday
■It is a 2-minute walk from access/JR Mishima Station
■Parking lot /We use designated parking lot (in the case of eating and drinking, there is service ticket 1,000 yen or more)
■HP  /

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Delicate, refined Cantonese dish gives life to taste of Mishima vegetables

Oil is rather less in Chinese food, and Cantonese dish of seasoning that we did plainly is correct in Japanese mouth well. Ability of chef with study fully enhances taste of Mishima vegetables with Hotel Pacific Tokyo and Ginza tower orchid. As for "Hakone foot of a mountain pig and Mishima vegetables sauteed with barbecue sauce", we can enjoy crunchy feeling of vegetables.

As we can order lunch course from two people, let's fully taste various dishes that the skill of chef shines. There is shop from Mishima big shrine in close place, and, other than counter, table, there is banquet room, too.

[chukokuhiromehigashiryoribatsuten] chugokukantonryoribatten
■Telephone  /055-971-3789
■The location /14-11, Honcho, Mishima-shi
■Operating hours/11:30-14:00 (LO13:30), 17:30-22:30 (LO22:00), Sunday and Monday, holiday 17:30-21:30 (LO21:00)
■Regular holiday /Wednesday
■It is a 5-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Mishima-Hirokoji Station
■Parking lot /None

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cafe hachimaki

Hideout cafe that salad of Mishima vegetables is delicious

Shop which is built in among the mountains of the Mishima-city suburbs, place equal to the Hakone west foot. Up to floor, ceiling, beam in shop, warm space using tree is comfortable. Menu keeps sandwich and pasta, curry and rice, and fresh and young Mishima vegetables produced in neighborhood to salad of set are plentiful. The freshness is outstanding and can be satisfied with the volume visually.

"Mixed sandwich" can choose two from egg, vegetables, ham. Set has salad, soup, drink. "Ingredients dakusan Neapolitan" that there are a lot of vegetables is recommended. It is popular menu which sauce coils itself round to rice cake rice cake large noodles.

[cafe hachimaki] Cafe bee Maki
■Telephone  /055-973-2697
■The location /Kawaharagaya, Mishima-shi Ozawa 1038
■Operating hours/10:00-18:00
■Regular holiday /Wednesday, first second Tuesday
■It is 15 minutes by car from access/Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC
■Parking lot /Ten

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