We add sense of fun to traditional pattern. What is Mishima pattern?


We add sense of fun to traditional pattern. What is Mishima pattern?

"Mishima calendar" that it is said that Japan is oldest with calendar printed in kana. "Mishima bowl" which it spread out for last years of the Muromachi era to have resembled pattern of this Mishima calendar closely. As we are born if product of "Mishima pattern" that arranged these traditional beautiful designs in contemporary style design is various, we take as souvenir of Mishima.

Hall of master of Mishima calendar

"Mishima calendar" that it is said that Japan is oldest for calendar of kana letters in one of the calendars representing lunisolar calendar (the old calendar). Mishima calendar which was the origin of Mishima pattern had good making a print from a wood block quality and seemed to be popular as souvenir of trip and the year-end present because letter design of small characters was beautiful.

Woodcut of Mishima calendar and associated information are displayed in "hall of Master Mishima calendar" which repairs mansion of the Kawais who issued this Mishima calendar from generation to generation, and was made. As print experience of Mishima calendar is possible, we will challenge by all means.

Bowl called "funaoshaki" (we tear feces result) which entered at the Korean Peninsula in last years of Muromachi era. Of kana that Mishima calendar is small pattern of this bowl because broke, and resembled letter, seemed to come to be called "Mishima hand" (see, and is island) "calendar hand" (with calendar). It is authorized in Mishima brand as "Mishima bowl" now.

In addition, we leave appearance of Mishima calendar of 1844 if possible, and "modern version, Mishima calendar sells calendar which reappeared in contemporary style, too". On the solar calendar and date of the old calendar, waxing and waning of the moon, event of Mishima appear.

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Shop which Mishima pattern goods can buy is this

<< Mishima skywalk >>

Suspension bridge for exclusive use of walker of longest 400m in length made near the way which connected Mishima and Hakone of Japan. Magnificent Mount Fuji and popular spot that can look at Suruga Bay.

Activity such as long zip slide or Forest adventure is satisfying and can enjoy refreshing play in Nature.

Restaurant or cafe, shop which were particular about ingredients of local Mishima are substantial, and Mishima pattern goods are sold in souvenir shop. Stylish and functional product which arranged Mishima pattern including coaster and Japanese towel in contemporary style is prepared.

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