We went to much-talked-about Mishima skywalk!


We went to much-talked-about Mishima skywalk!

"Mishima skywalk" which opened in December, 2015. Many tourists visit that we dedicate to Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, Japan's deepest gulf, Suruga Bay and walker and can enjoy the Japan's longest suspension bridge and the best 3 horns in Japan.

I experienced

magokoha (son kouha)
We are from China, Shanghai. Is interested in Japanese culture, and, after the member of society experience, study in Nihon University international relations department; and one year three months. We like documentary program.

Tran Thi Phuong (Chan tifon)
Vietnamese native place. After having gone to Japanese school in Fujinomiya-shi, we enter Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University. We are studying for employment in Japan while working part-time.

Is car promptly; to Mishima skywalk

Mishima skywalk which is in the middle of leaving for the Hakone area at Route 1 from Mishima city. The official name is called "Hakone west foot, Mishima University suspension bridge". Parking lot is large, and what it is easy to drop in at before and after Izu and trip to Hakone is attractive.

It is entered by the south gate

It is the south gate that there is parking lot. It is without holiday other than the bad weather such as strong wind or thunder. We cannot use umbrella, but, in rainy day, are reliable as he/she donates kappa free at entrance. Opening-like scenery spreads promptly when we pass through gate.

Suspension bridge of 400m in total length comes up!

Shot best before across bridge! Mount Fuji which rises in the white main tower supporting suspension bridge, suspension bridge to boast of the best length in Japan to as suspension bridge for exclusive use of walker, nature which green to spread under eyes is rich in and the depths. Refreshing scenery strolling in the sky right spreads.

From observation deck in the sleeve of suspension bridge, the length of the suspension bridge and scenery that height can realize are seen. Expression of neighboring nature changing by season is wonderful.

As we can see bottom, thrill doubles

Place to see river below where we advanced a little from the middle is point of high 70.6m most. Grating structure of the passage middle is adopted as safety measures to make it easy to go through wind, but can sense height bodily so good as foot is transparent.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

At "place where Mount Fuji is seen neatly, we have how to take picture of various photographs here. With scenery photograph or selfie. We took by carrying, but were able to take good photograph. As it was cloudy on that day, we did not get better photograph." (Son)

"We went to Mishima skywalk for the first time and were very fun. The length of this bridge was proud of longest 400m of Japan and was bridge which was new as we were born in December, 2015, and was beautiful. When it is in high around 70m from the ground and stands in bridge, it is seen in beautiful Mount Fuji. And scenery of the circumference shows neatly. Furthermore, we look like the sea. This sea was said to be the Japanese deepest sea. It is the best in the truth to stand in the longest bridge, and to see the highest mountain and the sea deep most." (Tran)

Walk road that we welcome, and cute "kicoro" does

Paths of walk that "forest of kicoro" in point across bridge is full of green that Wood tip was spread. We can learn in spite of being official notice naturally about forest.

As pretty kicoro made using thinnings hide in forest, is it fun to walk while looking for?

We look back toward suspension bridge which just passed from observation deck

Cityscape of mountain range and Mishima, Numazu where it is full of green to spread under eyes when we pass through walk road. Suruga Bay to also glitter in the distance. Let's enjoy scenery to be seen for a while only here while changing height to the length of the bridge which passed while being jolted to and fro, and realizing.

For flower drop with wish

Do not forget to purchase "flower drop" (one piece of 200 yen) with exclusive wagon of the north area.

Seeds of flower are stuck on wooden charm made with thinnings with message from nature.

Does bottom of bridge become flower garden sometime if we throw with wish from bridge of return?

Lunch which seems to be Mishima with much effort

If is hungry; to "kitchen of forest." "See, and, as for specialty "Mishima brand curry" (1,200 yen), can enjoy Hakone west foot vegetables, Hakone foot of a mountain pig island croquette" specialty of Mishima; is greedy, and is menu.

See; of course island croquette is this original. As we can choose hot, that curry is sweet is preference.

Extend a trip to the sky garden

There is shop where 6 stores including light meal and souvenirs shop such as deep-fried pizzas gather earlier which went up escalator. Chandelier of flower to bury ceiling in even if charm here is called anything. It is space of healing that bright flower meets throughout the year.

Souvenir prepares collecting of enhancement, too

In "SKYWALK SHOP" in the sky garden, products of Mishima skywalk original including chocolate millefeuille and fruit jelly form a line. Of course shopping is satisfactory very much as we have souvenir associated with Izu and Hakone.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"Taste got very good curry, many ingredients at the outskirts. Croquette is recommended. It is entirely different from selling at convenience store." (Son)

"A lot of Shizuoka includes famous scenery or a lot of famous food. I love Shizuoka. We go for this trip to Mishima sky walk, and it is very fun, and even anything wants to go again. Everybody goes to Shizuoka if there are any chances, too and enjoys, and please experience." (Tran)

●Experience-based excellent/Mishima skywalk
●Facilities name/Mishima skywalk
     See; island skywalk
●Address/313, Sasaharashinden, Mishima-shi
●Operating hours/9:00-17:00 (ticketing - 16:30)
●Having no days off during off/year
●Rate/1000 yen for adults, junior and senior high school students 500 yen, primary schoolchild 200 yen
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