Let's mention history of the age of civil strife in "mountains Castle Site Park"


Let's mention history of the age of civil strife in "mountains Castle Site Park"

"Hakone Fujiko Nishisaka course" that walks the northern part of Mishima-city, the west of Mount Hakone by Nordic events walking. There is mountains Castle Site Park on the route. We think about the site of castle showing history and will feel romance.

Mountains Castle Site Park (we cannot ask for excessive trace which is mountain)

Mountains castle which is historic spot of country in one of the Japan's Top 100 Castles.
In castle which rear Hojo built in last years of age of civil strife, we fell by Hideyoshi Toyotomi aiming at the world unification.

We made use of location called Mount Hakone, and there was a part of tower and the building in place of 580m above sea level. Moat and fieldwork remain well, and creation method or placement can look at trace which took in the topography skillfully.

"Shoji moat" (we occur and overcharge) and "furrow moat" (furrow overcharges) which put device for soil of step in order to protect castle from enemy who attacked in rare Yamashiro only for soil not to use stone for are celebrity. Historic; validation is technically high.
The whole area becomes park of historic interest and can see these close. In addition, we can overlook Mount Fuji on fine day and are known as famous spot of azalea and hydrangea.

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