Recommended spot of waterside to go round in town of spring Mishima


Recommended spot of waterside to go round in town of spring Mishima

Mishima-city that spring flowed through downtown, and walk road comfortable to walk in was used. Up-and-coming sports to walk using pole, course of Nordic events walking are set. Here, we introduce recommended spot around the "murmuring Nordic events walking, intermediate" route. In spite of being calling, we will mention charm of Mishima full of nature at will.

Mishima big shrine (see island burnt sienna)

Ichinomiya, Izu that was met by refreshing air

Popularity is high as power spot, and many worshipers come. Tea house which can have a short rest with Japanese confectionery adds

"Ichinomiya" with high status in particular located in the heart of Mishima-city in Shinto shrine. We have history that Yoritomo Minamoto ever prayed for Genji revival here. Main shrine is made with solid total zelkova. Trees which let leaves grow thick in deep-blue form a line on approach to a shrine, and there is refreshing, solemn atmosphere. There are stone tablet of Basho Matsuo and monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Bokusui Wakayama in the precincts and can look at treasures such as ancient documents or sword with treasure building (pay). Main hall, heiden, front shrine is important cultural property of country. In addition, fragrant olive is appointed to natural monument of country. We are known as famous spot for its cherry blossoms in spring.

Address: 2-1-5, Omiyacho, Mishima-shi telephone: 055-975-0172

Shop in front of Bo Mishima big shrine of corner

In rice ball-style which is simple in popular eel

It is in opposite side across main street in front of Mishima big shrine

Japanese food shop which there is in front of Mishima big shrine. Mainly on eel which is noted product of Mishima, we provide various bowl menus.

When divide form onigiri of fish into two, nakakaraunagiga!

Rice ball and take-out lunch align, too, but, above all, attention "eel taiyaki." Using rice which sauce soaked into in substitution for skin of taiyaki, it is kabayaki eel not bean jam that enters inside. It is reputation when we can try out eels of Mishima easily. As is in a limited quantity, to buy surely; advance reservations.

Address: 18-1, Taishacho, Mishima-shi telephone: 055-972-3888

Way of source soldier of the Imperial Guard River (gembeegawa) waterside

Scenery to symbolize the town of murmuring is seen

There are stairs gone down in river, and there is scaffold which can walk in river and. River is one of the scenery of daily life

River which source soldier of the Imperial Guard River assumes Kohama Pond in Rakujuen of the JR Mishima Station south side water source, and flows towards the south. We drift to striking distance of house and store to adapt itself to town. Tree course is arranged near river and can enjoy walk while we hear the murmuring. Handicap stones are displayed in flow depending on place and walk along stone and play with water and. Kingfisher and a firefly liking clear stream may be seen if lucky.

Address: Around Shibahoncho, Mishima-shi telephone: 055-971-5000 (Mishima-city Tourism Association)

#dilettante cafe (dilettante cafe)

Cafe of location preeminence to snuggle up to source soldier of the Imperial Guard River

Terrace made such as stream bed is ringside

Popular cafe in place that we walked from Mishima-Hirokoji Station for approximately five minutes. When we open door and enter shop, we should be surprised at there being flow of river in front immediately. At terrace seat which was made to snuggle up to source soldier of the Imperial Guard River, BGM can spend the murmuring leisurely while looking at birds coming to river to play.

Than lunch an example of hors d'oeuvres and main dish

Style that lunch menu chooses main dish from meat, fish, pasta. Cake which patissier makes is full-scale taste.

Address: 1-1, Midoricho, Mishima-shi telephone: 055-972-3572