See two major noted product gourmet eel & of Mishima; island croquette


See two major noted product gourmet eel & of Mishima; island croquette

We expose high quality eel brought up in underflow water of Mount Fuji to famous clear water more for 2-3 days and are katsu pheasant. This person trouble drops smell peculiar to eel and extra fat. This is secret of taste of eel of Mishima. "We see island croquette" which used Mishima potato (enter the make) harvested at the Hakone west foot where drainage was good, and land was fertile 100%. Of article which is sister in autumn in until around December when potato is over as for the sale from June "look at sweet potato, and island croquette" (sweet potato) appears.

Noted product "eel" which slush of Mount Fuji produces

Speaking of noted product of Mishima after all "eel." Taste of eel said "to be fixed with the quality of water." Let's thoroughly enjoy compact taste of the body which famous clear water produces.

[person of cherry tree]

Long-established store which continues protecting traditional taste since the formation in 1856 (Ansei 3). We bake eel which we tightened by bincho charcoal and handling of good round fan in slush of Mount Fuji. Nice smell and the body soft plumply are reputation.

■Telephone  /055-975-4520
■Address  /13-2, Hirokoujicho, Mishima-shi
■Operating hours/11:00-20:00 (we close a shop as soon as it is sold out)
■Regular holiday /Wednesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
■It is immediate from access/Izuhakone Railway Mishima-Hirokoji Station
■Parking lot /None


We hit eel with groundwater of Mishima who is named "lotion". Baking that skin of did the crisp inside by winning by taking two half-points of Kanto style and Kansai style as for the kabayaki which finished eel which it was sultry lightly with slightly sweet sauce softly.

■Telephone  /055-975-3340
■Address  /21-6, Midoricho, Mishima-shi
■Closure up to operating hours/11:00 - sellout
■Regular holiday /Thursday (there is no fixed holiday)
■It is a 6-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Mishima-Hirokoji Station
■Parking lot /26

Local gourmet "we see island croquette" which blessing of the Hakone west foot produces

"We see island croquette" which provides various taste in various shops in Mishima-shi. We eat casually and will enjoy competing while taking a walk through waterside.

[cafe&Bakery groupette]

Popular baker who won "all over Japan here Bakery Festival" consecutively. "See; see, and catch island croquette in sticky bread which steam rice from Mishima which did island croquette pan" into rice porridge form in conjunction with wheat flour, and gave. Bacon and black pepper are accents.

■Telephone  /055-973-1153
■Address  /2-27, Honcho, Mishima-shi
■Operating hours/9:30-18:30
■Regular holiday /Without holiday (the year-end and New Year rest)
■It is a 5-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Mishima-Hirokoji Station
■Parking lot /Two

[Omura butcher's shop]

It is sale at price that we stock one Japanese beef from contract ranch entirely, and the finest marbled meat is just right for. In heart-shaped "see island croquette" (sell only in 6-11 end of the month) of Japanese beef taste is plentiful. "We look at sweet potato, and island croquette" comes up in autumn.

■Telephone  /055-972-2981
■Address  /2-27, Taishacho, Mishima-shi
■Operating hours/9:00-18:00
■Regular holiday /Sundays and holidays
■It is a 3-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Mishima-Tamachi Station
■Parking lot /Ten