Popular gourmet "eel" of Mishima whom slush of Mount Fuji produces


Popular gourmet "eel" of Mishima whom slush of Mount Fuji produces

Speaking of noted product of Mishima, after all, "eel." Taste of eel said "to be selected with the quality of water." We further expose high quality eel brought up in underflow water of Mount Fuji to famous clear water for 2-3 days and are katsu pheasant. This person trouble drops smell peculiar to eel and extra fat. This is secret of taste of eel of Mishima. We introduce well-known store which eel of delicious Mishima can taste.

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Long-established store which continues protecting traditional taste since the formation in 1856 (Ansei 3). We bake eel which we tightened by bincho charcoal and handling of good round fan in slush of Mount Fuji. Nice smell and the body soft plumply are reputation.

Reservation is certain for popular shop.

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We hit eel with groundwater of Mishima who is named "lotion". Baking that skin of did the crisp inside by winning by taking two half-points of Kanto style and Kansai style as for the kabayaki which finished eel which it was sultry lightly with slightly sweet sauce softly.

The shop is extensive with 50 seats of seats. There is large parking lot, too and is convenient.

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