It is healed by water and green……The Mishima Station south exit around "royal road walk"


It is healed by water and green……The Mishima Station south exit around "royal road walk"

Mishima-city which slush of Fuji begins to breed in from many places of town. We introduce royal road walk route from the JR Mishima Station south exit healed by beautiful waterside and rich green. Let's enjoy waterside walking that wants to take a deep breath a lot in the town of murmuring that became stage of drama.

The START JR Mishima Station south exit

There is tourist information center at the station square and keeps various brochures. Rental of rent-a-bicycle procedure is possible, too. As for a lot of benches which can be spacious in the station square.

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↓ Rakujuen

Natural monument of country and municipal institution Park full of nature appointed in natural beauty spot. We can meet cute animals such as lesser panda and wallaby, capybara. When we enter at the station square Exit and fall out to the south exit, it is connected in source soldier of the Imperial Guard River.

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↓ Source soldier of the Imperial Guard River

1.5km in total length, symbolic river of capital, Mishima of water. Maintained tree way and stepping stone are in descent from clean water and can enjoy the water walk while hearing the murmuring.

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↓ Mishima-Hirokoji Station main street mall

Main street of Mishima where main street spreading out to Mishima big shrine in front of Mishima-Hirokoji Station is displayed at old shop. We see, and there is, and, well-known store "person of cherry blossoms" of eel, "groupette" which island croquette pande is famous for can go to "#dilettante cafe" of source soldier of the Imperial Guard riverside if they go further.

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↓ gawa Mishima

When we go to the Mishima big shrine area in main street and turn right at Tamachi Station entrance intersection, there is French restaurant "gawa Mishima". Reach from field of fresh fish which stocked in Numazu Port and own house vegetable garden and contract farmhouse directly; adopt in the morning; dishes using vegetables are reputation. We can spend an elegant time while looking at palace river from big window.

One plate lunch which is full of color that thought of chef overflows to one article of one article. Popular menu which became one dish from hors d'oeuvres to fish, meat dishes.

Single house restaurant where bright pink door gets a lot of looks on pure white wall. Course dishes with decent prices are recommended, too.

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↓ Mishima big shrine

It is famous even that Yoritomo Minamoto prayed for Genji revival. Wonderful weeping cherry tree is in full glory in spring. We have a short rest in tea house while having lucky "Fukutaro rice cake" in connection with Shinto ritual.

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↓ Literature monument of waterside

Along Sakuragawa from Mishima big shrine to foamy fall park, stone tablets of 12 literary people related to Mishima including Osamu Dazai and Bokusui Wakayama form a line. It is healed to an easy mark swimming in Sakuragawa leisurely.

↓ Foamy fall park

Park where slush breeds in from between lava of many places in garden in summer. Oasis on behalf of the capital of water which refreshing air flows through.

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The GOAL JR Mishima Station south exit