It is famous as famous spot for its cherry blossoms! Power spot "Mishima big shrine" of Izu


It is famous as famous spot for its cherry blossoms! Power spot "Mishima big shrine" of Izu

"Ichinomiya" where Mishima big shrine has high status in particular located in the heart of Mishima-city in Shinto shrine. Yoritomo Minamoto prays for Genji revival here and has history that won once. Popularity is high as power spot and is known as famous spot for its cherry blossoms in spring.

Mishima big shrine (see island burnt sienna)


With total zelkova structure that main shrine is solid, main hall, heiden, front shrine is important cultural property of country. We are fascinated by wonderful sculpture by master craftsman.
Trees which let leaves grow thick in deep-blue form a line on approach to a shrine, and there is refreshing, solemn atmosphere.


There are stone tablet of Basho Matsuo and monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Bokusui Wakayama in boundary and can see treasures such as ancient documents or sword with treasure building (pay).


In addition, there is fragrant olive said to be the oldest in Japan, and is appointed to natural monument of country.


Cherry blossoms of 15 kinds of about 200 are in full glory in spring, and the mid-March and early April is at their best in usual. Beauty that weeping cherry tree coloring Kamiike in particular holds its breath unintentionally.


In Fukutaro teahouse, we sell lucky Fukutaro rice cake which we likened to aspect of "Fukutaro" appearing for "tilling of a paddy field Shinto ritual" of New Year holidays.


Refreshing mugwort is smooth with fragrant kusamochi; go, and knit. It is cute that bean jam becomes form of formal headwear for court nobles. It includes tea, and taste in teahouse and sell to the one for souvenir with 12 one box case.


Summer-limited chipped ice is quite popular, too. Matcha and condensed milk hang over smooth ice, and two Fukutaro rice cakes are attached.


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