We can encounter cute animal! Water and "Rakujuen" filled with greenery


We can encounter cute animal! Water and "Rakujuen" filled with greenery

Municipal institution Park "Rakujuen" full of nature where groundwater from Mount Fuji springs out of JR Mishima Station immediately. Water level of "Kohama Pond" in garden updates the first record high in 59 years in July, 2020 and records 217 centimeters. Beautiful water who symbolized capital, Mishima was seen. The others, open space or open space of paste to hit how are in garden and they see and meet and are plentiful.

Rakujuen (rakujuen)

"Rakujuen" which was built as annex of His Imperial Highness Prince Akihito Komatsunomiya who played an active part in the Meiji Restoration. 160 or more kinds of trees which we grew on the Mishima lava flow which flowed in the case of Mount Fuji eruption make forest and appoint in natural monument of country and natural beauty spot. It is authorized in geo-site of Izu Peninsula Geopark.


"Kohama pond" where clean water breeds in from between lava. Water level changes every day. In late years state that is slightly drying up continued, but records record-high 217 centimeters in July, 2020. We are changing at around 90 centimeters now in November.


A lot of animals that capybara, alpaca, lesser panda, wallaby, pony are cute in open space to hit how!


There are pleasant vehicle, playground equipments such as retro merry-go-round or beans train in open space of paste and is quite popular from children.


Steam locomotive C58 is saved with figure with those days on and can enter engine room.


Enjoy cherry blossoms, autumn colored leaves and flower every season, and event that is various through the year including MARCHE and gourmet festival is held in spring.


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