It is sigh of relief in the middle of the murmuring walk. Is delicious; eat a little, and take a break &, and spot


It is sigh of relief in the middle of the murmuring walk. Is delicious; eat a little, and take a break &, and spot

There is waterside everywhere of downtown, and Mishima blessed with springs of Fuji is good though we take a walk leisurely. We introduce recommended break spot that is taking a walk, and can draw breath relievedly as there are Mishima big shrine, source soldier of the Imperial Guard River, Rakujuen, a lot of highlight including foamy fall park.

The Yamamoto food door front murmuring shop

Atmospheric kyuikoitoko of Mishima big shrine door front

A lot of company's products of wasabi shop "Yamamoto food" of Izu are equal and are good to soaked in wasabi, wasabi mayonnaise, wasabifurikakenado, souvenir.

On kyuikoitoko "murmuring terrace", we can taste ice-cream cone which we put grated vertical Wasabi on other than light meals such as side or udon.

We see, and, including island croquette, Mishima inarinadono hometown gourmet is popular, too.

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Shop in front of Bo big shrine of corner

We try out eels easily! "Eel taiyaki"

washokutoko which there is in front of Mishima big shrine. Mainly on eel which is noted product of Mishima, we provide various bowl menus.

We prepare original rice ball and take-out lunch.

Above all, attention "eel taiyaki." It is eel kabayaki that is contained in rice which specially made sauce soaked into. It is reputation when we can try out eels of Mishima easily. As is in a limited quantity, to buy surely; beforehand reservation.

[shop in front of Bo big shrine of corner] Spot information

cafe&Bakery groupette

"We see island croquette pan" of local bread Festival championship

Ability shop that won "all over Japan here bread festival" consecutively in bakers in main street which spread out to Mishima big shrine in front of Mishima-Hirokoji Station.

Popular "see island croquette pan" "see; caught croquette which shined to the grand prix in island croquette contest" in sticky bread which put Mishima product rice and wheat flour together. torominoaru source enhances taste.

Snacks bun "we see island fruity carrot of sweets sense using Mishima carrot is favorable reception, too". Carrot paste is kneaded into sweetness reserve emeno cream and dough which carrot jelly entered.

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We take a short break in hideout cafe looking at torii of Mishima big shrine

Cafe which opened in the west of Mishima big shrine in January, 2017. Of building is on the second floor, and hideaway atmosphere is settled down.

The shop which was particular about moderate sense of distance with visitor is comfortable and sees torii and green of Mishima big shrine from window.

Blended coffee which was particular about beans is two kinds of soft and hard. There are caffe latte and cafe Mocha, too and matches sweets such as chiffon cake or chocolate tart well. There is hood of French toast or chicken saute menu, too, and there is to drink set for +300 yen when we eat at lunchtime (11:00-15:00).

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