We thoroughly enjoy seasonal taste hunting and original sweets in "Izu fruit park"


We thoroughly enjoy seasonal taste hunting and original sweets in "Izu fruit park"

"Izu fruit park" which is convenient for access from Hakone adjacent to Tsukahara, Mishima IC of Izu traversing Expressway. We can enjoy strawberry, melon, seasonal fruit picking including mandarin orange, and a lot of original sweets using fruit and souvenirs are equal, too. There is extensive restaurant, too and, if the weather is clear, sees Mount Fuji, too!

Compound facilities where we could enjoy various fruit picking (it requires reservation) every season, and "Izu fruit park" was enriched to sweets and specialty, restaurant (it requires reservation).
Fully play;, too, and is good to slight break and selection of souvenir.

[strawberry picking] The early January and mid-May ※Require reservation

As it is ko*sai*, we can enjoy strawberry hunting for easy posture casually with standing. "Rouge cheeks" that it was fragrant, and it was rich, and acidity and balance of sweetness were produced "Princess chapter" which kind is strong in sweetness in mainstream kind born in Shizuoka, and are juicy.
We put all-you-can-eat, condensed milk milk by no limit at time and can taste.

[melon picking] The early July and late September ※Require reservation

Fleshy, sweet "cantaloupe" which we brought up in greenhouse of Izu fruit park.
There are various plans including melon all-you-can-eat, melon picking + sampling, melon sampling.

[mandarin orange picking] From October to December ※Require reservation

Juicy mandarin orange with sweet, moderate acidity that grew up in very large land among nature.
All-you-can-eat, souvenir of about 1 kg of mandarin orange include by time no limit.


Including soft and fluffy omelette which patissier made, we sell Baumkuchen of melon, fruit jelly, fruit rusk, cheesecake, jam. It keeps a lot of cakes which are good to souvenir.

In addition, discerning "mandarin orange juice" which we narrowed down fresh mandarin orange which we brought up at the company farm to is recommendation!
Fresh taste that mandarin orange original taste was condensed tightly.

[Izu fruit park] Spot information is this

※This information is thing as of September, 2019. Publication contents may be changed. Please confirm before the use in shop, facilities.