We are proud of sweetness and fluency of Mishima potato! "We see and are compared by eating island croquette"


We are proud of sweetness and fluency of Mishima potato! "We see and are compared by eating island croquette"

"We see island croquette" which used Mishima potato (enter the make) 100% more each of Hakone west foot Mishima vegetables brought up by fertile Daichi. We are proud of sweetness of potato and wet fluency. Arrangement including ingredients and form except potato provides taste that is various in various shops in Mishima-city by freedom. We eat while taking a walk through town and will enjoy competing. Of article which potato is sold until around December that is over from about six these past months, and is sister in from November to May "see sweet potato, and island croquette" (sweet potato) appears. (we can enjoy ※ freezing croquette through the year)

The Yamamoto food door front murmuring shop

Shop & kyuikoitoko in Toriimae of Mishima big shrine. It keeps a lot of company's products of wasabi shop "Yamamoto food" of Izu and is good to souvenir. On "the murmuring terrace", ice-cream cone which we put grated vertical Wasabi on is popularity other than light meals such as side or udon.

In "korokke stands nabae" (hikobae) of the terrace side, the outside was moistened during crunch, see, and can taste island croquette. There is "Tanna milk creamy croquette" using milk from hometown.

In addition, local gourmets such as "Mishima inari" where wasabi and eel entered can enjoy.

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Omura butcher's shop

Store specializing in Japanese black beef more than founding 60 years in Mishima big shrine neighborhood. We stock one Japanese beef from contract ranch entirely and sell the finest marbled meat at reasonable price.

"We see island croquette" (sale of from July to October) is cute heart. Taste that is deep although being simple that sweetness of potato and taste of Japanese beef were jam-packed. From November to May are sale with "sweet potato they see island croquette".

At side dish corner, fried meat cake, ham cutlet, meat dumpling, fried chicken, dumpling, various menus including curry bun line up.

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Cafe & Bakery groupette

It is popularity bakery which won consecutively by "all over Japan here bread festival" in "we see island croquette pan" and "we see island fruity carrot". There is spacious cafe space, too and, other than bread hot from the oven, can taste lunch and sweets slowly.

"We saw, and island croquette pan" caught croquette in sticky bread which put rice and wheat flour from Mishima together. torominoaru source enhances taste.

We see and sell even island croquette one piece of article. As for the croquette, bacon and black pepper are accents. "See; let's thoroughly enjoy taste that won the grand prix in island croquette contest".

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The eaves Mishima Station south exit stand out of peach

Long-established store of founding 1891, station lunch and lunch. There is stand on the Shinkansen home and waiting room of Mishima Station, the Numazu Station wicket side. Even if stand in front of Mishima Station south exit bus platform does not use station, we can purchase.

We see, and, as for island croquette, seasoning is modest to fully make use of taste of Mishima potato. Chicken and onion add depth to taste.

With station lunch, "lunch liking mt. Fuji tomorrow or cow" using brand beef is popularity "port taste sushi" with wasabi raw to three kinds of taste sushi.

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Izu, village station

Theme park of meal of taste full loading of Izu including seafood bowl using fresh fish of local farm goods and Numazu Port direct shipment having just finished being produced. Egg specialty store "TAMAGOYA" where original sweets which we used the heavy "sunrise egg" for luxuriously are prepared in diversity is topic.

Tartar sauce specially made to cabbage and bacon which are crunchy as for "see island croquette burger" to be able to taste in store specializing in local burgers "THIS Izu SHIITAKE burger kitchen" is accent.

"THIS Izu shiitake burger" which glistened with the local burger Grand Prix whole country second place is recommended. Whole fried shiitake, shiitake including shiitake steak from Izu are plentiful.

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