Heart prays for good luck calmly. We make a tour of power spots of Kakegawa


Heart prays for good luck calmly. We make a tour of power spots of Kakegawa

A lot of Shinto shrines feeling power that is holy in Kakegawa-city including Shinto shrine in Shinto shrine which be wrapped up naturally, and ticks away history from ancient times and top of mountain. Let's go to look for "power spot" for you that heart is inquired into to blowing wind and dignified air, and can get spirit. We seem to somewhat have good thing heart on chest by everyday thanks with a clean slate if we visit calmly!

Three Kumano Shrine

Grant child whom spring big festival is famous for; easy delivery, the god of marriage

Shinto shrine which is founded in the Asuka era, and has history of 1300 rest of life. The empress of the Emperor Monmu grants child and prays for easy delivery, and prince (the Emperor Shomu) is born safely and begins in having moved divided divine spirit of Hongu, Kumano big shrine to this ground. We grant child and are got close as God of easy delivery, matchmaking, good luck charm.

Of *ri (work out) which Enshu Yokosuka three Kumano Shrine big festival is performed grandly for three days of first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of April when cherry blossoms are in full glory, and is brave, and is splendid is attracted to pull, and to turn.

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Does wish come true on words?

History is old so that is written in "The Pillow Book" of Seishonagon "Myojin ito * with gen" on; noble Shinto shrine. Because we grant as wish, it is called "kotonomama". There is large Kusu of natural monument in the precincts and feels big power.

Photo courtesy: It is "photographic contest entry as commemorative thing jininhachibankyu for gotsushiza 1,210 years"

By annual festival held for three days in September, stands of each town gather every year in Shinto shrine. Large flute festival is held, and flute of dedication and each town of dance and musical accompaniment of drum are shown. When it is night, light of candle is turned on of circle bra lantern of morning glory stand, and figure to parade around is very colorful.

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Awagatake (Awa Shinto shrine)

Power of scenery from the mountaintop and holy Shinto shrine

Awagatake characterized by letter of "tea" written on 532m above sea level, the face of the mountain. We can look around very large tea plantation, Oi River, Suruga Bay, Mount Fuji from the mountaintop on day when it was fine with popularity as hiking course. It is famous as famous spot for its cherry blossoms.

Old shrine where Awa (awawa) Shinto shrine at the mountaintop is enshrined from the Nara era. There is well of iwaza (Iwakura) said that God dwells and one of the Enshu seven wonders and done ceaselessness and rises to holy air.
※When as the Shinto shrine staff is not resident, hope for sealed letters issued by a shogun, to 0537-27-1089 beforehand contact.

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