Three selections of good Japanese confectionery shops of Kakegawa who shines in atmospheric cityscape


Three selections of good Japanese confectionery shops of Kakegawa who shines in atmospheric cityscape

Japanese confectioneries matching tea only to eminent chatoko, Kakegawa in the whole country are various. Well-established yokan more than founding 100 years, fresh cream Daifuku where Japanese and Western ga fused, cake of high quality using local made specially in "do whether you give"……. Have delicious Japanese confectionery which shines in atmospheric castle town!

Atagoshita yokan

Yokan ray 100 years to keep on following tradition or more long-established stores

Taste of castle town is store specializing in yokan in staying Enshu, Yokosuka having been continued since 1907 (Meiji 40). Flavor of adzuki bean stands out while being tough whenever we chew fluent taste.

Other than the most popular "Kuriyokan" using the finest chestnut, there is "adzuki bean" "white" "Matcha". Matcha blends Mori-machi product with Uji.

The third generation carries through the old manufacturing method and follows deep taste with simplicity. Naked figure which is traditional as for the arrangement of store. As for being sold out of the morning when it is early.

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Fresh cream making a lot of tea at once that is full of color to be able to taste the four seasons

All fresh cream making a lot of tea at once to keep 15 kinds or more is features including seasonally limited thing. Full-bodied fresh fresh cream from Tokachi, Hokkaido and use of the highest grade of white ano. Melting that soft skin melts away.

We go and, other than standard such as bean jam, tsubuan, black sesame, tea, coffee, knead peach and apple into dough and are prepared in variation diversity including thing which we used fruit of grape for entirely.

Type of Western confectionery including cake and cream puff is abundant, too. Popular crunchy Shoo puts cream after the order and offers newly made taste.

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kakoshi shimizu

The popular "drum middle" of three Kumano Shrine big festival connection

Japanese confectionery shop which is near good luck charm, child three Kumano Shrine who grants, and is got close to as easy delivery, the god of marriage. Using sugar "Yokosuka margin" made specially in hometown, Yokosuka, we heap up area.

In the popular "drum middle", form of drum which is pretty in the middle with drum of three Kumano Shrine big festival as motif is characteristic. In skin using domestic sticky rice, bean jam containing whole beans using adzuki bean from Hokkaido is crowded.

Fresh cream dorayaki using tea of local farmhouse or deep red cheeks strawberry is recommended, too. Blueberry taste comes up in the summer, too.

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