Creature, fruit, the forest, hot spring, activity……Nature and three selections of recreation spots where we touch


Creature, fruit, the forest, hot spring, activity……Nature and three selections of recreation spots where we touch

Facilities to be able to enjoy various nature experiences in Kakegawa-city which area full of nature remains at very large place full of flower and green are enhancement. We touch under the flowers in full bloom with many birds and experience fruit hunting and enjoy sports and hot spring while it is green and. Let's enjoy contact experience with nature which is not readily made by daily life.

Kiwi fruit country Japan

Of kiwi eat; as for comparing as for the contact with animal!

Kiwi sightseeing farm largest in Japan. Kiwi of about 80 kinds is cultivated on very large site and can enjoy kind ready to be eaten of the time with all-you-can-eat throughout the year. A lot of new kinds are developed in spite of being bringing up by organic farming, too.

Crop experience is possible for from October to December, too. As it is different in form, color, taste, fragrance each, we eat slowly and carefully and will compare by kind.

There is forest which is full of green in the depths of garden and tastes adventure feeling and can enjoy contact with animals such as goat or rabbit. Barbecue and tea picking, natural experience-based program including the fields and mountains grass guide walk are fulfilling, too.

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Kakegawa flowers and birds garden

We reach closest point to a great variety of birds in paradise of flower!

It is, in large greenhouse wrapped in flowers in full bloom, touches throughout the year with a great variety of birds such as owl and penguin, parakeet, emu, oniohashi. Owl flight to be able to taste trainer feeling, events including taking a ceremonial photograph with bait spear, penguin and owl of bird are varied.

Bird show that smart birds show various art to is must-see. We throb for force of birds flying the very front!

Lunch buffet to be able to enjoy under the colorful flower is popular. It keeps Japanese-Western style menu using seasonal material.

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Village of tsuma love resort Aya

Very large resort facility which nestles in nature

In about 1.4 million square meters of very large sites among nature, it is synthesis resort with various facilities such as hotel restaurant, hot spring, sports activity, music hall.

They can enjoy horseback riding, golf tennis archery, and both heart and body are healed leisurely with one-day hot spring is "hot water of the forest".

Fantastic "sound illuminations" that light fused with music are quite popular. From gazebo, we can look around the world of glitter.

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