It drives valley of quiet Kakegawa healed naturally


It drives valley of quiet Kakegawa healed naturally

Car introduces spot that can spend time calmly leisurely in mountain area full of nature for 30-40 minutes from Kakegawa Station. Place where noises of Whisper of the Heart, birdsong and trees, the murmuring of river want to take a deep breath unintentionally pleasantly. With seasonal scenery, enjoy delicious dishes and hot spring.

shibachan Ranch Market

Fresh milk sweets to taste in nature

Sweets using fresh milk of Jersey cow which fully pours love, and was brought up are reputation. We can taste the murmuring of the shop and river full of warmth of tree at terrace seat where feeling is good for.

Above all, as for the ice-cream cone, just enjoy flavor of milk, and light aftertaste is quite popular although being heavy, and there are many fans visiting for this taste from distant place.

There are pudding and yogurt, stick Shoo, too, and takeout is OK, too. It is fresh, and body rich safely and milk sweets with natural sweetness are prepared relief. Limited number of lunch "jersey milk curry provides only weekdays, too".

We can observe cowhouse of nearby Shibata ranch from the outside. We will extend a trip by all means to see many cute cows.

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Then it is this village

We experience Nature by hot spring & camping casually

Campground, hot spring, restaurant are in very large site among forest and clear streams and can spend in refreshing air leisurely.
Automatic campground, bungalow, cottage are in camping area and can enjoy having a swim in a river in summer.

We can enjoy hot spring of 100% of sources while hearing the murmuring and birdsong of river with "hot water of Nara here". Tree is used abundantly in outdoor bath and hall and can refresh mind and body together.
In "Nara here restaurant", we provide dishes using local fresh vegetables. In gentle taste that valued taste of material, heart softens relievedly.

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Antique Cafe Road

Unexplored region cafe along mountain stream where antique miscellaneous goods form a line

Shop of cafe and antique which owner of dealer in secondhanded articles redecorated old building and built up. Antique miscellaneous goods set beside trees which are full of green in the murmuring, shop of river direct retro atmosphere.

In cafe, we donate curry using original spice or ingredients dakusanno Panini. Smoothie which mixed strawberry, banana, soybean milk with three kinds of berries is popular.

Of course antique miscellaneous goods and secondhand article crowding in shop are available for the purchase. There is lot good old item and we forget time and should be absorbed in search for miscellaneous goods.

Because it is in path of quiet mountain, and there is width narrowly in incomprehensible place, let car run in mark by the appearance of signboard and this tin roof which are on the way to way slowly.

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Vast panorama which looks around very large tea plantation and Mount Fuji

It is characterized by letter of "tea" written on 532m above sea level, the face of the mountain. Hiking course is maintained, about 60 minutes (2.6km) one-way from mountain trail entrance to the mountaintop. We can go by car.

We can look around very large tea plantation, Oi River, Suruga Bay, Mount Fuji of Makinohara from the mountaintop on day when it was fine. About 500 including Yoshino cherry tree and wild cherry tree are in full glory for celebrity as famous spot for its cherry blossoms. In Awa Shinto shrine at the mountaintop, Sakura Festival is held every year.

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