Culture and history are over art in fragrant castle town, Kakegawa


Culture and history are over art in fragrant castle town, Kakegawa

Kakegawa-city that it is post town of Tokaido, and good old inheritances such as history and culture, building are succeeded to around Kakegawa-jo Castle in now. Stained glass Museum and the outworks of a castle Museum are in Kakegawa-jo Castle park and can touch the West and each Japanese culture. At Shiseido art house, company museum, we will feel sensitivity of the ancient and modern times from package or advertisement of the building beauty and work of art and cosmetics.

Kakegawa-city stained glass Museum

Stained glass of precise color that make, and is beautiful close

Art museum which opened in Kakegawa-jo Castle park in June, 2015. We display about 70 points to the U.K. Victoria morning service charges mainly on produced stained glass in the 19th century. Existence that is valuable even if we look at art museum which deals mainly with stained glass that painting was given nationwide. Other than work commentary book, shop dealing with original goods including postcard and bookmark is added.

Production process or tool are displayed and can know high decoration technology and profundity of stained glass studio of the end of 19th century of the U.K. It is originally this art museum Nara that can look at stained glass which is window decoration of church with high eyes close. French rose window is lighted up to plein air and shines beautifully.

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The Kakegawa-city outworks of a castle Museum

We display craft of Edo - Meiji, the Taisho era period and propose "the beauty of the sum"

We possess works of people who played an active part in art craft of Edo, the Meiji period and modern Japanese painting, native district and hold around seven times a year of plan exhibitions of various genres. It is in Kakegawa-jo Castle park and pure Japanese-style building is attractive and can look at Kakegawa-jo Castle rising beautifully over there of art museum.

We collect a lot of art crafts such as cigarette tool, pillbox, sword harness, cosmetics, painting and calligraphic work, and, as for the cigarette tool, excellent work which concentrated art is prepared above all.
As we plan event for workshop and children, pleasant events such as gallery talks by curator a lot, we will participate casually.
※Because there is display substitute, please inquire for display contents

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Shiseido art house

We enjoy space that is art for walk feeling casually

Possession released picture, sculpture after the 1970s, about 1,600 points including craft mainly. We hold plan exhibition of various themes.

Shinsuke Takamiya, beauty of modern building by design of Yoshio Taniguchi both of them are one of the highlight. Structure that exhibit space that used columnar building effectively is like neighboring green and unified opening. We win "Architectural Institute of Japan prize" (work) in 1979.

In museum shop, original goods that sense shines are prepared, and "flower camellia biscuit" of longtime seller is popular in Shiseido Parlour Co.,Ltd. having been continued since the early days of the Showa era. Butter is plentiful, and taste, package which are easy with simplicity are wonderful.

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Shiseido company museum

The beauty and museum of intellect where cosmetics and the change of design are seen

It is next to Shiseido art house. Museum to introduce Ayumi of Shiseido to date and product package, poster, advertisement, CM picture to from founding of 1872. We can see cosmetics and the change of design with change in the times, and curiosity is stimulated.

Poster and flyer which colored Showa, each time of Heisei in Meiji, the Taisho era in a row. It is display space of the best part that history since founding including products and advertisement design was accumulated.

We display successive product packages of Shiseido including cosmetics and perfume. It becomes display contents reminding of fashion and culture of the time.

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