We take a walk through atmospheric Kakegawa-jo Castle downtown area feeling "tree" and culture of "the sum"


We take a walk through atmospheric Kakegawa-jo Castle downtown area feeling "tree" and culture of "the sum"

"Fine castle of Tokai" and declared beautiful Kakegawa-jo Castle soar when we go ahead through JR Kakegawa Station to the north. The highlight including bamboo crest which can thoroughly enjoy the outworks of a castle tea-ceremony room overlooking castle tower restored as the first Japanese real wooden castle tower and atmospheric garden, beauty of modern Japanese style architecture is plentiful. Visiting facilities full of qualities of Kakegawa and shops, let's enjoy town walk leisurely while feeling breath of history.

Kakegawa-jo Castle

Guide of ninja is popular! "Fine castle of Tokai" which soars beautifully

As for the age of civil strife, Kazutoyo Yamanouchi plays Zaicheng as the lord of a castle, is "fine castle of Tokai" and declared Kakegawa-jo Castle from the beauty. The castle tower was restored as real wooden construction for the first time in Japan, and service that guide dressed in ninja informs of is very popular. On 3 first Sunday, we hold event that ninja and war-torn country military commander, kunoichinadoga come up non-regularly every month.

"Bamboo crest" was built as this house of the Matsumotos who ran arrowroot cloth wholesale dealer which followed from the Edo era in 1903 (Meiji 36). A part of the residence is available to the public and establishes cafe and can enjoy cake and tea break in semi-Western style elegant atmosphere. "The outworks of a castle tea-ceremony room" of sukiya style to see atmospheric Japanese garden is worth seeing.

[Kakegawa-jo Castle] kakegawajo
■Telephone  /0537-22-1146
■The location /1138-24, Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi
■Operating hours/9:00-17:00 (last entering a building 16:30)
■Regular holiday /Having no days off
■It is a 7-minute walk from access/JR Kakegawa Station
■Parking lot /We use Kakegawa-jo Castle park parking lot, Kakegawa Ote-mon Gate parking lot
■HP  /http://kakegawajo.com/

Nonprofit foundation Japan Hotoku Corporation

Historical wooden grand hall which conveys teaching of Kinjiro Ninomiya

The head office of nationwide organization aiming at the spread of "teaching of Hotoku" that Kinjiro Ninomiya who is very close to Kakegawa-jo Castle proposed. When by "teaching of Hotoku" being heart to repay virtue for ancient people and parent, thanks, virtue for the neighborhood, and working hard every day, could live wealthily materially mentally, we persuaded.

Semi-Western style modern Japanese-style building that appointed grand hall was built to important cultural property of country in 1903 (Meiji 36). Precious cultural assets building of the grand Meiji period including a part of the removed and rebuilt Arisugawa shrine's house remains a lot other than grand hall in site.

[nonprofit foundation Japan Hotoku Corporation] We ask
■Telephone  /0537-22-3016
■The location /1176, Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi
■Operating hours/9:00-16:00 (from April to October), 9:00-15:30 (from November to March)
      ※In the case of change, it is the situation such as lectures there
■Regular holiday /New Year holidays
■It is a 10-minute walk from access/JR Kakegawa Station
■Parking lot /20
■HP  /https://www.houtokusya.com/

Funny farm

As for lunch and the cafe as for the liquor! Cafe dining that vegetables are delicious

Cafe in commercial facilities "We+138 Kakegawa" at the Kakegawa Station north exit. Lunch chooses main dishes among pasta, pizza, gapaoraisu, and there are salad bar, drink station with full of local vegetables. Takeout of coffee and pizza is OK, too.

It is colorful, and sofa seat is in pop shop, too and is relaxing relaxedly. Muffin to bake every morning in cafe time is popular and transforms ourselves into BALS tile to be able to enjoy tapa and liquor at night. It is available in various scenes.

[Funny farm] Funny farm
■Telephone  /0537-62-0818
■The location /7-20, Ekimae, Kakegawa-shi
■Operating hours/11:00-22:00 (lunchtime - 14:00)
■Regular holiday /Having no days off
■It is a 3-minute walk from access/JR Kakegawa Station
■Parking lot /We use parking lot of "We+138 Kakegawa"

Irregularity garden of tea

Roll which lingering sound of refreshing, fragrant tea break is left is reputation

Specialty store where tea that sencha, roasted tea, stalk tea, powder tea, benifuukinado are various is even on including deep steaming tea made specially in Kakegawa. They are particular about the subject matter, and sweets to cook carefully for trouble time are popular.

Luxurious one article that wound up cream with soft and fluffy sponge using Matcha from Shizuoka as for "the irregularity roll" to handcraft one by one. There are "soybean flour mousse" that soybean flour of domestic soybean is fragrant and wasanbon sugar from Tokushima and fresh cream, "wasanbon fresh cream" of refined taste using large-grained variety of the adzuki bean from Hokkaido.

[irregularity garden of tea] ochanoomuraen
■Telephone  /0537-24-5229
■The location /50-8, Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi
■Operating hours/8:30-17:00 (on Saturday and Sunday 10:00-15:00)
■Regular holiday /Second Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
■It is a 15-minute walk from access/JR Kakegawa Station
■Parking lot /Five
■HP  /http://omuraen.jp/