[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience the making of regional cuisine potato juice of Kakegawa


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience the making of regional cuisine potato juice of Kakegawa

Regional cuisine which reaches each area from the old days. We grate Japanese yam in Kakegawa-city, and there is "potato juice" having you thin with miso soup of mackerel soup stock. As one of the cooking experience-based programs of hotel guest, it is possible for the making of potato juice of Japanese yam with it is experience-based old folk house accommodation "trip no building" (tabinoya) built downhill of village forest.

I experienced!



Vietnamese native place. We visit Japan in April, 2015 and learn economy from April, 2017 in Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University human being society department. Hobby make dishes. Refresh time when chattering with friend is important. Actionist who may go out on train to distant place.

Accommodation which we can experience which conflicts with local industry and tradition


It is in experience-based Kakegawa-city that cultivation of tea is prosperous in old folk house accommodation "trip no building". It is farmhouse guest house where renovation made building of old farmhouse of 70 years old. Not only we stay, but also make dinner with owner of accommodation, and there is hand fir tree experience of tea picking and tea. Old cityscape of old Tokaido Hisaka accommodation remained near.


We came to this land for the first time, but, at quiet place among nature, felt fresh atmosphere pleasantly.


Welcome board which is handwritten at entrance of the entrance. My name was written and was glad that we were welcomed.


Room to stay is the second floor. Haori to wear on the kimono was hung on wall.


The neighbor of room to stay is living room. Old furniture such as chests was placed.
Ceiling does not have board and can see big tree and earth wall in roof and wall, and state of house of old Japan understands. We insert natural light in room. You might read and thought that would be good when you wanted to concentrate on as it was suitable quiet space even if you stayed here and did study and job.


We came back to the first floor after we took a break a little. We said porch here, and there was space such as sunny sun parlor. When it is cold, we seem to use heater called brazier. Charcoal enters inside and we stop by near and warm.
There is bamboo charcoal in my country, but does not use for heating. We grill meat using bamboo charcoal.
We realized that there was different characteristic in culture of country each.


Bath peeped out, too. We mixed cold water and hot water with big bucket in old days in Vietnam when we wanted to take a bath. This bath has a shape of big pot and is surprised. This called Goemon bathtub (obtain, and thing tries to be) is so. We poured hot water which flowed from faucet, but we burnt fire under pot directly and boiled hot water and seemed to enter in old days now.

Experience made with potato juice to make with Japanese yam


We will experience the making of potato juice from now on. Japanese yam of materials was thin and was long. This is thing which was cultivated to become honest, but, as for the thing which grew naturally, there seem to be many turning things. The feature of tenacity is that fragrance is strongly good, and around November becomes harvesttime.
There were sweet potato, potato, taro, yam in Vietnam, but saw for the first time as there was not Japanese yam.


At first, we roasted root such as surface thin hair of Japanese yam by fire of cooker. If way of using hands was good, we were praised. It contributes to the fact that we always cook. We seem to use skin without turning.


With earthenware mortar having narrow groove, we grate Japanese yam if we roast root. We gradually smell good.


As we are not finished smoothly when we make with grater, we use earthenware mortar. There was tenacity very much and was surprised. It seems to take time a little before potato juice is made.


In addition, we mix miso soup with pestle little by little today if we breathe half of the Japanese yams as we make for two people.
What use miso soup which took soup stock in mackerels features potato juice of Kakegawa area, but miso soup of trip no building dissolves miso in stock of dried shiitake and we untie the body of mackerel which we baked and are put.


Potato juice is eaten in various areas of Japan, but there seems to be various how to make by area and home when it is stock of bonito and mixes egg.


We have finished adding miso soup. Quantity increased, too, and tenacity of Japanese yam became slightly weak, too.


Finally we mix well to ruin small grain of Japanese yam. As potato profit seemed to be cooking that man made, from the old days, we had Yamada do this.


We finally eat. We sprinkled potato juice to rice with wheat, and topping did some leeks on the top. As we ate raw potato for the first time, we were tense a little.


I feel impression that ate first mouthful is sticky, and mysterious, and, did. We remembered gromwell to have cramped to eat well in my country. These vegetables are good for the digestive organs and smooth off skin. Japanese yam seems to have the same effect.
Shiitake and fragrance of mackerel spread in mouth, too.


We eat potato juice which we made with experience for one article of dinner. We ate pickled lotus root and stewed stems of taro called potato pattern together on that day. Lotus root was crunchy texture and was easy to eat as it tasted sour. Thank you for the delicious meal!


Around Kakegawa-city, there seem to be manners and customs to eat potato juice for time of celebration and New Year holidays. Because tenacity in particular was strong in potato with the same tenacity, and power was though we grated, man seemed to make Japanese yam from the old days. Potato juice left with dinner becomes more delicious when we eat in morning.
It took time a little to make potato juice. But it was fun as we made together while talking with Yamada of owner in that time. In such time being able to last of farmhouse guest house thought that was attractive. Ochazuke provided for breakfast is one of the pleasure.
Yamada has you know tea of Kakegawa-city of Shizuoka more and, from thought to want to come to like tea and to return, makes place of exchange in cooperation with tea farmhouse of neighborhood. By experience-based program of "trip no building", we can observe tea picking, tea factory in harvest of tea season (the late April and early October). Experience of hand fir tree tea comes throughout the year. We want to experience tea picking this time.


●Facilities name/experience type old folk house accommodation "trip no building"
●Address/1708, Ono, Kakegawa-shi
●We include in experience charges/hotel charges (with half board room for 2 people 12,800 yen ...)

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