Tea cafe & tea sweets only by chatoko, Kakegawa


Tea cafe & tea sweets only by chatoko, Kakegawa

In Kakegawa who is famous as chatoko, full appearance cafe and shop to kick store specializing in tea including processed tea company and tea wholesale dealer. We have way of enjoying something tea including the sum sweets and roll which we used tea for abundantly.

The Japanese green tea kimikura head office

We thoroughly enjoy tea and the sum sweets while looking at atmospheric garden


Shop which well-established processed tea company "Maruyama processed tea" of Kakegawa deals with. Chic cafe that shop, the second floor where the first floor can purchase tea and teacake overlook garden from big window. We can taste luxurious harmony sweets that we fully used Shizuoka Matcha for.


Standard popular "set full of Matcha" has you hang Matcha honey to Anmitsu which Matcha ice or jelly entered. Tea of set is available from tea of deep steaming sencha, Shizuoka Matcha, season. "Matcha tiramisu with full of Shizuoka Matcha is recommended to heavy, smooth Mascarpone cream, too".


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Irregularity garden of tea

Roll which lingering sound of refreshing, fragrant tea break is left is reputation


Tea specialty store where it is along Tokaido of atmospheric Kakegawa, and sencha, roasted tea, stalk tea are even on including deep steaming tea made specially in Kakegawa.
"Irregularity roll" to handcraft carefully one by one is good refreshing taste to tea. Luxurious one article that wound up smooth cream with soft and fluffy sponge which we used Shizuoka Matcha for abundantly.


"It is Kakegawa Shinmachi feels raw, and cafe" is on the second floor and can enjoy delicious tea and seasonal sweets which master of the tea ceremony served slowly.
As business day and time of cafe vary according to time, beforehand in HP confirmation.


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Higashiyama ippuku toko

Among quiet atmospheres, it is Higashiyama tea and teacake dehokkori


kyuikoitoko in the foot of mountain, Awagatake of "tea character" that is popular among hiking. Including Higashiyama tea of deep steaming, local fresh vegetables or handmade side dishes form a line.
Higashiyama tea OK's sampling that there are several kinds in every time. Staff serves with one roasting eye, two roasting eyes. We should be totally surprised at taste with taste such as soup stock. We will be used to taste preference.


Small yokan and teacakes such as tea steamed buns are popular, too. As chair is prepared outside shop, by way of break, it will be healed by hokkoritoshita air.


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